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January 28, 2015

White Label Web Development for Agencies

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What do agencies want?

In the past when we worked with agencies developing technical solutions for their clients, we used one of the two models. In one model agencies introduce as to the client as technical partner. In those cases we work with the end client directly. But many times agencies want to work with the clients directly with Armia Systems and our programmers behind the screens.We are open to both models. In fact we created a new whitelabel development services for agencies.

Many of  our tech industry peers in the agency space (social media agencies, design firms, marketing companies)  run great companies, but don’t always have the in-house developer resources complete their client projects. They have contacted us in the past  to augment their tech team ,  finish their half done projects,  lead the development of projects.  Normally we finish the project based on their client requirements and hand over to agency accounts team to present the work to clients. In effect we work as a extended technical team for you. But to your clients we could be in incognito mode.  When we do white label work, we remove all references to Armia Systems in our code and hand over all the work to you. No one knows we were there.  You bill your clients directly and pay us a portion of it.

Our tech team can develop web applications in PHP , Ruby on Rails, .Net . Our mobile development team can develop iOS or Android apps for your clients. You or your account managers can work with our Chicago based project managers or developers directly.

September 30, 2013

Mobile App Companions for Web Applications

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This is a common scenario. You have a successful web application for your customers, employees or partners. They work great on desktop browsers, but not very well on smartphones and tablets. How do you make your websites phone-friendly?

At Armia Systems, we have seen these scenarios many times. There are a couple options to consider.  One route is to create a mobile version of your website, but the most common solution is to create a  mobile app companion.

If you already have a website, it is fairly easy to link the app to an existing website and its database. Because of this, most of the work would be done on the website. Normally the mobile app could be very lightweight initially. For this, we usually create a small API to connect with the mobile app to avoid any disruption to the existing web app.  To make a website responsive, we can also create something very similar.  This way, your web app can “talk” directly to your mobile app companion.

Don’t limit your users or cause them to become frustrated with an inaccessible website. This solution can work well even if you have web applications that handle  ordering systems, CRM databases or other systematic operations and processes.

Whether you would like to create a mobile version of your site or a mobile app companion, Armia Systems can easily deliver a viable and affordable solution for you.  We offer the e-business services you need to make your business a success. Your needs are met with speed and precision by our highly trained team of IT professionals. Since we have created hundreds of web and mobile applications for clients from various industries, you can be certain we have the skills to handle your most demanding projects.

Take a look at our portfolio or contact us at 312.423.6728 for more information.

September 26, 2013

CheckerApp Social App to Engage with Your Users

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Armia Systems developers recently developed a new app called CheckerApp. This solution was created as a way for brands to effectively socially connect with their customers.

In social media, users can connect with brands. They can like you, follow you and sometimes engage with your pages.  Wouldn’t it be better if your users could broadcast to their friends and followers, fueling them not to just “like” things but use them?  CheckerApp allows users to announce thoughts and feelings like “I like Pepsi” by scanning the bar code on the Pepsi can with their phone.  By incentivizing real engagement, users will actively participate. These campaigns can be brand-sponsored or user generated with user generated content.

From the development side, the app  has 3 pieces:

1. Web Application for Users and Brands to Manage Accounts –  Brands can create new campaigns and products, manage images and more.

2. Facebook and Twitter Apps – Make viral communication possible through users’ friends and followers via invites, posts, likes, open graph and search graph. This is app is also integrated with the Facebook mobile and mobile scans.

3. Mobile App for Users – Users can scan new products and have this information shared automatically. The UPC scan area and interface include the app and large barcode/UPC database to select the product and identify the campaign.

By utilizing CheckerApp, brands have a chance to see how users are consuming products, while users themselves can also look up products by entering the barcode on the website or even save scans for later use.  Users simply download the app from the iPhone App Store, scan barcodes belonging to their favorite products and share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

CheckerApp is written in PHP 5 with a mySQL database. The mobile app was developed in iOS using objective c and cocoa.

Users simply download the app from the iPhone App Store, scan barcodes belonging to their favorite products and share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.  Brands can provide incentives like free products and points for their fans to use and share products.

Want to know more? Check out our Portfolio or give us a call at (312)423-6728 to speak with a specialist.

September 10, 2013

How to Create an Addon Mobile App for Your Website

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“Companion apps” play a specific role in the larger scope of a business. Companion apps can create additional value to customers by accompanying websites or other services and products, but are you aware that it can also increase value and efficiency for your business?  Companion apps can save your business time and money by also allowing data or geolocation information to be collected.

If you created an internal or external web application two or three years ago, you may have not yet created a way for your partners, employees or customers to take advantage of its use through mobile devices and tablets.  Now is a great time to take advantage of this option.  Customer-facing companion apps allow business to increase interaction and interactivity with potential and current customers, which can also fuel sales. Regardless of the type of business you operate, there are many options to consider.  If employees go offsite, they can easily collect pertinent data (like signatures).  Customers can login to perform actions such as booking appointments, order and make purchases online, update account information and much more. If you have a group , such as merchants or sellers, they can stay up-to-date with sales, shipments and more.

You may be surprised to hear that creating a companion app is not very complicated. What we found most useful is creating a small, internal API.  This is compatible with all apps – iPad, iPhone or Android apps.  When you modify a web application, you do not need to change the mobile app. Similarly, when there is a mobile app is changed, it can be independent of the web app.

If you would like to develop an app for your existing business, Armia Systems can deliver custom mobile applications at a reasonable price.  Contact us at  (847) 717-7647 to discuss your needs.  Our projects are quoted at a fixed hourly rate.  Want to see some of our previous work? See our portfolio.

August 26, 2013

How to Choose the Language for Your Web App

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When you create a new website or web application, you have a few options regarding language. You can select  .NET, PHP, Ruby or Java as the main option.

If you are a large enterprise, most of the platform decisions are already made. Instead, it mostly revolves around what is already there and what your in house developers know. Most older companies that need large applications create this by using Java or .NET. They are mostly remnants of a relationship with Microsoft , IBM or Oracle . If you are not a Fortune 500 company, there is very little reason to pick, .NET or Java – unless that’s the only language you know.

It’s important to have an elastic architecture for your application.  This will enable immediate responses to traffic spikes or failures.

Ruby is a good option for creating prototypes, but scalability has been a concern. The alternative would be to migrate to Java or something similar. It is because of this that not very many large applications use Ruby. Some see it is a well structured framework that can support scaling from small to medium, but requires some effort for scaling large.

Ruby on Rails is an open source framework optimized for programmers by fueling productivity. Instead of taking weeks or months, the applications can instead take days to produce. As Ruby on Rails is a local Chicago product, we do root for it.  Ruby on Rails and other frameworks have come a long way over the years. While older versions may have had many issues with performance and scaling, they have since been improved.

However, the majority of web applications run on PHP. Most large consumer sites like Facebook  and YouTube are running on Lamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). These companies, along with large open source communities, contribute significantly to new frameworks and improvements. PHP has more programmers than any web language, so normally it is easy to find people who know what they are doing, which is always beneficial.  Even if you plan to grow as big as Facebook , scalability is not an issue with free solutions like Hadoop and Cassandra.

August 23, 2013

Armia Systems Develop SaaS Platform for iScripts

Filed under: Uncategorized — admin @ 9:27 am develops and markets a number of web software products that are used by clients as customer premise installed software for web applications. As there were a number of issues associated with customers installing the software, server compatibility, php modules and technical issues,  iScripts realized they needed a solution for non-technical customers.  As a result of the current situation, quite a bit of development hours were taken up with compatibility testing for new versions and releases. To make the process easier for users, iScripts decided to develop these apps into SaaS models.

To solve these concerns, the developers at Armia Systems created a cloud platform that would automatically create a trial version and convert customers to a normal account after trial expiration. Each account can have different plans, user credits, support, and each one is managed using this SaaS platform. As every account is tied with a domain name or subdomain,  customers could have their own domain name or not before joining.  This solution would greatly improve flexibility and ease-of-use for current and new iScripts customers. This SaaS platform supports all of iScripts software products and is available to users at iScriptsCloud

If you have a legacy web application that could use a SaaS platform, our team can help.  Armia Systems Inc offers affordable product and application development services. Our technical abilities include PHP, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5, MVC Frameworks, C#, .NET, Azure, NoSQL, Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB.

Besides custom development and existing platforms, we also offer graphic design, SEO and SEM services along with Linux and Windows server management. For details, please see our portfolio or call 312.423.6728 to speak with a specialist.

All our resources and processes are dedicated to ensure that our software development services are of the highest quality and scalability. We are committed towards providing our clients with effective and reliable software development services by integrating technology, innovation, and strategy with their business processes.  Our role with your project ensures that you can focus on your core business and increase efficiency while we develop the best technical solutions to so you can grow your business.

August 12, 2013

Extending Your Web Applications to Facebook

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If you currently have a customer facing web application, it probably makes sense for you to consider extending to Facebook. This way, your customers can effortlessly share their app activity with friends.  Ultimately, this can drastically add to your total social presence by fueling word-of-mouth marketing and increasing reach plus overall sales.

Linking a page or sharing a page with friends is just the beginning.  This option goes much further beyond your current set up. Let’s face it – how many people are going to like your individual pages? If you give them an easy way to get what they want, the apps can effortlessly share this content and help your customers accomplish tasks.

With the creation of open graph apps, you now have access to new customers that are predisposed to “like” your business.  Most businesses, like marketplaces, shopping carts, communities, music or video apps etc., can add a decent Facebook app.  Some fun app examples include promotional apps that allow your users to read bios, view photos, hear and see video and audio clips, enjoy streaming social radio and explore social news readers.  These are just a few examples of ways your customers can share app activity on Facebook.

Maybe you have considered developing a Facebook app for contests or specific marketing activities.  In this case, you have the ability to actively promote your services or products through Facebook.  Regardless of your existing apps or active or passive methods, extending your app to Facebook will open up a larger target market.  As Facebook increases to develop their own platform, this access to information will increase and become even more valuable over time.

While we encourage you to select the programming team that works for you, we pride ourselves in being able to achieve the most complex solutions at the most reasonable prices. The experienced web programmers at Armia Systems can construct the perfect Facebook app for your business.  We have created a number of Facebook applications such as Ravox, Social Defender, Checker App, and more.  View our portfolio for more examples of our unique and interesting projects.

Armia Systems is located in Chicago, IL and working with a team of 40+ developers, we can certainly help you achieve your social goals.

July 10, 2013

We Are Moving to a New Office in Deerfield, IL

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We are excited to announce that after years in our Schaumburg office,  we have moved to a new office in the Chicagoland area located in Deerfield, IL.

This move will help us to increase our customer base here in Chicago, as well as around the country.  Aside from gaining new exposure and clients that are in need of our services, we are also welcoming new developers and project managers in our new, larger office!

Our new address is:

1020 Milwaukee Ave. Suite 245

Deerfield, IL. 60015

Our phone numbers remain same as (847) 717-7647 and (312) 423-6728

We look forward to brainstorming and working with you in a more comfortable setting.  We thank our clients for seeking out and using our services time and time again.

If you are in the Chicago area and are interested in discussing your online business needs or receiving a fixed price quote for our very affordable programming services, consider setting up a time to meet us in person at our new office.  Why use Armia Systems? By using our team, you will have the benefit of working with an experienced, local Chicago-based programming team while taking advantage of offshore pricing.

Located near Chicago in Deerfield, IL., Armia Systems Inc offers e-business solutions that are required for online business success.  Our team consists of highly-trained professional developers that specialize in PHP, JQuery, MySQL, Ajax, Azure, Oracle, C#, Facebook applications, HTML5, MVC frameworks, NoSQL, Cassandra and more.  In addition, our team also offers web design and SEO/SEM services as well as server and database administration.  Our team has created a number of impressive platforms, applications and mobile solutions for hundreds of customers is various industries.  Examples include social commerce platforms, mobile applications, Facebook applications, online delivery, transportation management, ecommerce solutions, web applications and much more.

View our portfolio for a collection of our previous work.

March 15, 2013

Armia Developers Release Social Commerce Application

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Ravox is a new Facebook commerce platform for small businesses.  It allows small businesses to create fully functional ecommerce storefronts on their facebook pages and sell through multiple channels.

This innovative application was created using PHP MVC framework with mySQL dtabase. It uses AWS for some parts and uses a dedicated linux server for other parts. At the heart of the platform is a 2-way Facebook app.  One part of the application is a Facebook fan page app while the second component is a normal user Facebook app.

The platform uses social sharing and open graph to gain maximum exposure for various products and merchants.  Activities shared using open graph increases viral discovery of user activities to friends of friends.

Ravox gives merchants a way to reach an increased market by exposing friends of social affiliates to products.  rather than just acquiring a Facebook page and hoping for the best while running ads and small promotions, Ravox Social Affiliates actively promote products they find interesting.  Since friends tend to have similar interests or qualities, social affiliates that share products they like will most likely be reaching a portion of the appropriate target audience.

Next on the list for Ravox is adding in a special area for analytics so that merchants can actually see who is interested in their products. This valuable information would help merchants narrow down specific individuals as potential customers.

After signing up for Ravox, businesses just have to sign into their Facebook account to quickly set up a Facebook store.  This account should be associated with an existing fan page.  If one is not available, users have the opportunity to create one during Facebook store set up.  After store specifics are clarified, merchants can then add products to their store.  This can be accomplished via CSV upload or manually. Custom product options are also available (color, size, etc).

The next step is optional, but necessary to experience the full benefit of Ravox.  After adding products to the Ravox marketplace, social affiliates have the ability to “discover” them.  If a social affiliate finds the product interesting, they can choose to promote it via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email to friends. If sales are traced back to their activity, they receive a commission.

This platform is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to experience true social commerce as it was meant to perform.  Equipped with the right tools and strategy, Ravox gives businesses the best option to actively promote products through social networking and finally see a return on investment.

March 7, 2013

Armia Systems Releases Social Monitoring Platform

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We are pleased to announce that the programmers at Armia Systems have recently completed the development of a new platform, Social Defender!

Social Defender is a social monitoring application equipped with social publishing capabilities and analytics.

Built-in Applications Include:

  • A Facebook application to read and write to fan pages.
  • A Twitter app using the Twitter API to read, publish and schedule comments to multiple Twitter apps.
  • LinkedIn app to view and publish status updates to LinkedIn accounts.
  • A web app to read blog mentions, RSS feeds, forums, Tumblr and more.
  • A geo IP module to learn the location of users and comments.
  • Hadoop/Cassadra implementation to manage all  incoming data on a real-time basis.
  • A self-learning bayesian algorithm to understand the message sentiment at a micro and macro level.
  • A workflow mechanism to flow messages for response and publishing.

Social Defender helps brands control their own social reputation by pulling comments and reviews from blogs and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and more. From one login, business owners, social media specialists or marketers can view, manage and respond to any comments made about their brand or company. Depending upon the chosen plan, more than one brand can also  be added to the platform.

The platform is also equipped with built-in analytics so businesses can also determine if a specific event or release increased negative or positive customer sentiment. Due to this valuable feature, companies can also make better, informed decisions and determine social calls based upon factual data.  While before it may have be difficult to calculate an emotion and represent it as reliable, Social Defender surely delivers an impressive assessment.

What makes Social defender truly unique from competitors is the workflow module.  This feature allows business owners to create a social media monitoring schedule.  This is especially helpful for medium-large businesses that may have a number of employees handling a large social community surrounding a brand or multiple brands. These sub-admins have the ability to use social networks similarly to the main admin, but by using the SocialDefender platform, security is not an issue as they will not need the original password. Rule management allows the admin to assign team members to social accounts relative to time or day of the week.

Try the platform for your brand or company today! See the video. So if you want to monitor your social channels by automated rules round the clock checkout Socialdefender. If you ever need to create a SaaS platform for social or commerce contact our development team for detailed proposal with fixed price.

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