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Pre-Launch Checklist for Mobile Apps

Posted by: Elan Thomas | On: 8th Sep, 2017 The whole process of launching an app may seem like a roller coaster ride. There are several things you need to look into before the app goes live. You may be running short of budgets or already in the verge of burning a hole in your pocket. According to InMobi survey, the biggest challenge faced [&hel

How to create a Virtual Reality App

Posted by: Elan Thomas | On: 30th Aug, 2017 A virtual reality app is a mobile app that uses the power of virtual reality to reach its goals. Virtual Reality is no longer confined to the world of Science Fiction and is more like science fact. Soon, the virtual reality market is expected to explode leaps and bounce by 2020 and hike more than [&hel

How to Create Facebook Messenger Bots

Posted by: Elan Thomas | On: 29th Aug, 2017 A chat-bot synonymous known as talk-bot, chatter-bot, Bot, chatterbox, IM bot, interactive agent, or Artificial Conversational Entity) is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. Chat-bots are often integrated into the dialog system of virtu

Develop Mobile Applications using React Native

Posted by: Elan Thomas | On: 24th Aug, 2017 The smartphone app development, as opposed to traditional web app development and desktop development is bit different. On comparison with the deliverance of mobile devices, desktop and browsers provide less features like voice calling, Touch screen, instant notification, camera, Audio, Video, Social a

How to distribute iOS apps without using App Store

Posted by: Elan Thomas | On: 10th Aug, 2017 Most applications (even Android apps, on some stores) will have to pass an approval process before being distributed, so testing is mandatory to make sure your app reaches the market and succeed in winning your customers. The testing process can take several forms, from developer-level unit testing to

How to manage scope creep in your projects

Posted by: admin | On: 27th Jul, 2017 Scope Creep is the increased delay in the delivery of a project when the features, deliverables, or expectations consistently get added to a project without the budget or timeline being adjusted subsequently which would evidently cause the delay in the delivery of the project and demand more money than

How to protect your intellectual property when outsourcing

Posted by: admin | On: 20th Jul, 2017 The unavoidable fear that an original and innovative idea might get copied makes many customers not to trust fully in this process of outsourcing. The greatest fear of a budding entrepreneur is that his idea gets copied when outsourcing to a web development agency or freelance web developer. One of the

Due Diligence list for outsourcing software projects

Posted by: admin | On: 27th Jun, 2017 You should not outsource your software projects. If you are technology business or startup, you should not outsource your project to a third party agency. You should outsource your non-core competencies. For tech company software is a core competency and it should remain in the house, if possible. Then