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8 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

Posted by: Beth George | On: 1st Aug, 2019 | mobile development

You might be thinking that your business is too small to need a mobile app. The price of developing can be expensive. You also might question whether your business needs a mobile app. While your business is small is one of the best times to invest in a mobile app. It doesn’t have to be fancy to greatly add to the way that your clients or customers interact with your business. Consider these eight reasons why your business needs a mobile app:

1. Making The Service More Accessible To Users

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For people to use your business, it has to be accessible. Making your business as accessible as possible is important. That is especially true if your business doesn’t have a store-front or office.

Having a good website is a great first-step to increasing your accessibility. That is especially true if it is a mobile-compatible website.

Mobile apps give a feeling of accessibility to your customers and clients that just doesn’t come from a website.

2. Adding New Services For Existing Customers

Customers like a dynamic business. Your business may be small. Maybe you are even happy with it that way. You don’t want it to be stagnant, however.

Developing a mobile app is a great way to expand services to existing customers. This is important in a number of ways. It shows your current customers that your business is improving. It also makes your business more useful to them. Finally, it keeps your business on their minds.

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3. Lead Generation

A mobile app also increases visibility of your business. Your app should be available on Android’s App Store and/or iTunes. This will put your business in front of people that you may not be reaching through other methods of marketing and advertising.

In many ways, mobile apps are their own market. Entering this market helps you to generate leads for future business from people that may not otherwise be aware of your services.

4. Positioning Your Business As A Leader In The Industry

These days, businesses can’t afford to ignore mobile users. A business that does ignore mobile users doesn’t appear to be on the same tier as businesses that provide mobile apps to their clients and customers. In this way, having a mobile app lends a certain degree of credibility to your business. Kind of like having a phone in the 1930s, or a website in the 1990s.

If your small business doesn’t offer a mobile app and your competitor does, it’s safe to say that your competitor is winning. Having a mobile app allows you to compete more fairly or to get a leg up.

5. Getting Feedback From Customers Faster

Having a mobile app isn’t only superficial and it doesn’t only benefit your customers and clients. Having a mobile app provides one more avenue for feedback. This makes your clients and customers feel that they are valued. It also allows you to use their feedback faster and more effectively to improve your services. Understanding how people react to your mobile app and services is also education in terms of how people feel about your other services. More on that later, though.

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6. Improving Loyalty And Tracking Interactions

As mentioned above, having a mobile app allows you to stay in the minds of your clients and customers. That means that having a mobile app is a great way to increase their use of your service. If your services are easier to use, people will use them more often even if they are already regular users of your services.

appsMobile apps also give you insights into how your clients and customers are using your app. This in turn gives you a greater understanding of how people are using your services. This is often more valuable than direct feedback. It is also more inclusive. Feedback only answers the questions that you ask or only asks the questions your users think of. Insights into how and why they use your services give a wealth of raw data. This can often be used to track trends that you hadn’t previously thought of.

7. Creating Revenue

Apps can also raise revenue for your business. Hopefully this will at least offset the cost of the app. Best-case scenario, it will raise some extra funds as well.

Apps can make money in two main ways. The first is in the same way that websites can: through adds or through the selling of products. These are worth considering, but they raise the risk of distracting from the intended use of the app. Ads can also distract from your business.

Apps can make money in another way, a way in which websites can’t. If you charge for the app, the revenue from selling your app to users can be considerable.

It would be nice to let people use your app for free. However, your business is small and having apps made can be very expensive. Charging for the app might be the only way to recoup the cost of making it. That is, unless you are confident enough in the ability of your app to pay for itself using the other means discussed.

8. Improving Traffic To Your Website

Finally, mobile apps are great ways to increase traffic to your existing website.

Mobile apps draw attention and they take interactions online. If your mobile app offers a form of interaction that you don’t otherwise have, this can be a significant way to increase traffic to your website.

Increasing traffic to your website is its own benefit though it can accomplish more. This is the case if you charge for your app and the app increases traffic to your website. In this way you make the revenue from sales of the app as well as any revenue that you make from online traffic. This requires some creativity. You want your mobile app to add to or complement your website, not replace it.

Hopefully this article has lead you to think a little more about having an app made for your small business. It can be easy to dismiss the idea of an app for your small business to due concerns like cost. A well-designed and implemented app, however, will allow you to reach more users, to serve your current users more effectively, and to make some money doing it.

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