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Armia Systems at GITEX – The Global Tech Show

by Mariya Parackal

The world is experiencing a technological shift, a rising trend in the current scenario. In the year where social distancing norms have taken center stage, Gitex will bring together people of different nations, and Armia Systems will also be participating in this trailblazing event.

Update: Armia Systems Joins GITEX Global 2022

We are so excited to announce that Armia Systems will be attending the world’s biggest tech show, GITEX Technology Week 2020 in Dubai.

If you are attending the live event, you can connect with our Business Development Manager Midhun B.S, who will be happy to give answers to your queries.

One of the most significant tech events, the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, is going to be held from December 6th-10th at the Dubai World Trade Center. The 5-day event will see the participation of many small and big companies and will also be the torchbearer of promoting Dubai’s technical prowess on the world stage.

Not only that, but the 40th edition of Gitex 2020 will also lend support to re-launch economic and investment activities all across the globe. In this way, they will also reactivate the vital communication channels and become the road map for emerging technologies.

Gitex is a significant event to take place in the gulf every year. This year, the event will also cover and focus on rising technologies like IT, 5G, Cloud, and AI. Like every year, the event will also open doors for networking, procuring, and experience business and also pave the way for naïve businesses to help establish their niche.

What’s more interesting is that the event will see the participation of 50,000 peers through the AI-enabled app. It also is a central pedestal for global technologies, startups from 12 different sectors. All these will lead to the re-evaluation of post-pandemic strategies and help pioneer and brainstorm significant ideas with the support of world leaders.

Information Technology is one such sector which has always been in the news for the right reasons. The sector also has seen such scaling success with a broad spectrum of industries emerging every year with new technologies. This year is taking the step forward Gitex will see the participation of innovative minds in the software sector that is willing to take the legacy ahead with their thinking.

Apart from listening to their success stories and motivational speeches, Gitex will cover the topics of 5G technology, AI, Healthcare, Marketing Mania, Future Mobility, Cyber Security, and Education. Software or web development companies can take cues from this and start working on these aforementioned zones’ developments to give way to a progressive future.

About Armia Systems

Armia Systems is a web and mobile development agency, with teams in Chicago, IL, and South India with around 15 years of international experience.

When you require custom software development, dedicated developers, or some server/infrastructure management needs to be done, we have a team of qualified designers, developers, server engineers, DevOps, and IT experts, to help you out. We are very experienced in working with startups and mid-size companies in different industries.

Armia aims to continuously create new value, bringing about a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world.

Divisions of Armia Systems

  • SupportPRO

SupportPRO offers remote infrastructure management for data centers, hosting companies, and enterprises. We are an AWS consultant partner. Our experts can manage your DevOps or infrastructure management efficiently.

  • Armia Systems

Armia Systems offers custom software development and focuses on web and mobile development technologies through the offshore development center.

  • iScripts

iScripts is a leader in developing off-the-shelf, turnkey online business platforms, and distributing them with source code. iScripts develop scripts that encompass proven business models

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