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Armia Systems Develop SaaS Platform for iScripts

by Ashley Zimmerman

Armia Systems is a web and mobile development agency that works in several verticals. Today small and medium businesses trust our areas of expertise in different workforce solutions. And now we are using buzz-worthy technologies to boost the efficiency of your company.

In iScripts, the products are built using the services provided by Armia Systems. Thus iScripts has developed many competitive platforms. iScripts products are developed in the below platforms.

  • On-Demand Service Platform
    For creating on-demand services like Uber
  • Multi-Restaurant Platform
    For creating a food ordering system like Grubhub
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform
    For creating an eCommerce marketplace like Amazon
  • Online Store Builder Software
    For creating an online eCommerce store like Volusion
  • Online Barter System
    For creating a barter website like Swap
  • Last-Mile Delivery Management
    For creating an online tracking and delivery service like FedEx
  • Daily Deals Software
    For creating a group buying site like Groupon
  • and more

If you are not a technical person and don’t have knowledge about programming languages but in a hurry to build a business of your own. You can check with the services and software developed by iScripts, use the open-source script that matches your idea and create your website or app.

iScripts develops and markets a number of web software products that are used by clients as a customer premise installed software for web applications.

Solution for Non-Technical Customers

As there were many issues associated with customers installing the software, server compatibility, PHP modules, and technical matters, iScripts realized they needed a solution for non-technical customers.  

As a result of the current situation, quite a bit of development hours were taken up with compatibility testing for new versions and releases. To make the process easier for users, iScripts decided to develop these apps into SaaS models.

To solve these concerns, the developers at Armia Systems created a cloud platform that would automatically create a trial version and convert customers to a regular account after trial expiration. Each account can have different plans, user credits, support, and each one is managed using this SaaS platform.

As every account is tied with a domain name or subdomain,  customers could have their own domain name or not before joining.  This solution would significantly improve flexibility and ease-of-use for current and new iScripts customers. This SaaS platform supports all of the iScripts software products from and is available to users at iScriptsCloud

What do we offer?

If you have a legacy web application that could use a SaaS platform, our team can help.  Armia Systems Inc offers affordable product and application development services. Our technical abilities include PHP, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5, MVC Frameworks, C#, .NET, Azure, NoSQL, Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB.

Besides custom development and existing platforms, we also offer graphic design, SEO and SEM services along with Linux and Windows server management. For details, please see our portfolio or call 312.423.6728 to speak with a specialist.

All our resources and processes are dedicated to ensuring that our software development services are of the highest quality and scalability.

We are committed to providing our clients with effective and reliable software development services by integrating technology, innovation, and strategy with their business processes.  

Our role with your project ensures that you can focus on your core business and increase efficiency while we develop the best technical solutions so you can grow your business.

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