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Armia’s New App Optimizes the Development Process

by Ashley Zimmerman

The Armia System project management and communication app introduced on iTunes App Store

When it comes to the development of a business’s brand, mobile applications are essential. According to Forbes, it is not enough that a company has a mobile app. There must be a level of engagement in order to have high levels of gross.

Furthermore, applications which are free and provide higher levels of interactivity have shown to have positive results in the overall success of the companies which use them. Being that the information points to the necessity for app development, startup companies need to ensure that the development of their applications is well managed.

With a team development, it is not uncommon for the development of the application or the website to spiral out of control when managed from afar. It is for this reason that we have developed this new management and communications app.

What is the Armia Systems Project Dashboard?

The application developed by Armia Systems allows for customers working with their development team to have direct communication with the web development and application development professionals.

The application is intended to provide an open stream means of communication and organization to minimize the frivolous back and forth which emails and document sharing without direct contact seem to produce. And while the application is not a one-on-one application such as skype, it does provide a central portal in which information and data can be shared with the individual members of the team.

By allowing for real-time communications, scheduled meetings, and definitive tasks to be set, the process of development is optimized with minimized risk for lost time due to communication lags.

Furthermore, by having such information in an application, communications and management can be monitored from any IOS compatible device, thus furthering the optimization of time and management for the project while at the same time minimizing the risk of depleted ROI due to miscommunication and poor development schedules.

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Key Features

Similar to internet pages which manage the workflow of a project, the Armia Systems Project dashboard presents the user with weekly reports, task assignments, as well as comments and updates.

iScripts PM app allows for updates to tasks as well as project details to be conveyed to team members. What is ideal for the application is that there is no need to have various email accounts stored.

All of the information between various parties can be accessed through one dashboard. By centralizing the team into one location, team members can see the notes, concerns, and priorities of the project and adjust their workflow accordingly.

As the customer of Armia, concerns which are posted during the holidays, outside of the normal business schedule, etc. can be updated through the operational overview sections. And while there may be a slight delay in communications, the real-time design of the application makes communication and management of your web or app development timely and efficient.


Perhaps one of the best notable features of the application is the ability to access minutes from the weekly meetings. This ability allows the customer to see the progress as well as the various development stages of his or her project. By having weekly minute updates, customer’s are assured that the project is moving forward and that (unfortunately as some competitive companies do) it has not been pushed aside for higher paying clientele.

System Requirements

Although he Armia System Project Dashboard Support application is free for anyone to download from the iTunes store, it should be noted that the application only works in conjunction with existing customers of Armia Systems meaning that projects outside of Armia cannot be managed and have tasks delegated. Furthermore, the application is designed for the IOS system and as such is compatible with IOS 9.2 or later. Android version of the app is still under development and expected to be released next quarter.

We plan to release a free standing version of the apps and platform for startups developing with in-house teams or freelancers after successful adoption from existing clients.

For more information about the management and communications app or if you would like to find out more information about the web application development services offered by Armia Systems, please contact our project team. Armia Systems Inc. is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and startup businesses build up their platforms with their own teams while establishing a presence on the web through their web development and applications.

If you have technology project you would like to review by Armia Systems expert development, architecture or UI teams please click below to request a free consultation

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