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React Native Chat SDK For Web and Mobile Application

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 16th Aug, 2021 What is React-Native Armia Chat-SDK The React Native Chat SDK makes it easy to build in-app chat like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Signal app, which can easily be done through Chat SDK. Users can easily add chat functionality on their mobile as well as on desktop. The react native armia chat SDK libra

Agile and DevOps: Optimize Your Development and Operations

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 30th Jun, 2021 DevOps in the Next Generation: DevOps is the modern fusion of people, procedures, and tools to generate a stream of continuous software delivery. Like the code it creates, the concept of DevOps is constantly evolving to include new ideas, methodologies, and technology. So, where does DevOps go from her

Is Node.js a Good Choice to Build an App for Microservices?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 29th Jun, 2021 Microservices and Node.js have a strong relationship. Node.js was introduced to the app development world to enable the creation of microservices-based programs easier. The central concept was for breaking down Node.js apps into small, dispersed nodes that communicated with one another to make the whol

How to Create IoT Apps Using AWS IoT?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 15th Apr, 2021 AWS IoT is a strategic initiative from Amazon, which aims at creating a new cloud-based innovation platform powered by tens of thousands of servers and appliances across the world. The project’s mission is to partner with the developers and designers community in developing new software systems d

How to Perform a Third-Party Code Review?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 15th Apr, 2021 The ability to perform a third-party code review is very important for any individual or company that requires a certain piece of software to be downloaded, executed, or otherwise used within their computer system. The use of such programs is on the increase, and there are many more types of software t

Why are Non-Functional Requirements Important?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 25th Mar, 2021 Most of the time, it’s been seen that product developers pay attention to functional requirements while neglecting non-functional requirements and their utility. By prioritizing functional requirements (FR) over non-functional requirements (NFR), one can create a smart product, but later on, it m

Native Mobile Application vs Hybrid React Native Application

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 24th Mar, 2021 Real Native or React Native for Mobile Development? When you are developing a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, there two options: Use real native development or use a hybrid framework. Historically, real native applications were seen as higher quality but more effort. In the past, hybrid frame

Image-to-Text and Its Applications

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 24th Mar, 2021 Image-to-text apps are used to convert an image file into a text format. It is faster & more convenient than the usual image-to-text conversion method because it does not need any translation. In other words, the system analyzed the file and converted it into a text document. The system then employ