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How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Development Agency?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 14th Sep, 2020 Are you planning to hire a development agency for your business?  It seems that hiring a development agency has become an integral part of any business. Think of the mobile applications that people use and how essential they have grown in our life. Hence, it is worth hiring a development agency. M

The Use of Machine Learning in Mobile Apps

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 29th Jul, 2020 With the advent of eCommerce and mobile applications, purchasing products and getting these delivered to your home has become simpler. Customers now have the entire ‘market’ at their fingertips. But sometimes customers feel that mobile applications do not give them the actual feeling of goi

Xamarin vs React Native vs Ionic – A Comparison

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 3rd Jun, 2020 It is true when we say we are living on computers and mobiles phones and our lives revolve around the mobile phone apps. The market for smartphone applications is significant, and these mobile apps are becoming immensely popular. Some of the leading mobile applications that we use frequently involve In

Most Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 19th May, 2020 Business strategies are becoming more complex and advanced and enterprises are now shifting towards mobile applications. However, the developers need to build an apt platform using the right set of development tools to reach out to consumers. Over the past few years, the number of programming languages

In-House Or Outsourced? How to decide your team?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 18th May, 2020 When you are building a business or during the growth of your business, the main question faces by every business owner is how to grow your team, what to choose? – In-house or Outsourcing team? With the Internet revolution going strong, the outsourcing business has started gaining traction, and p

Top 13 Android App Development Trends For 2020

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 18th May, 2020 New technologies are appearing day in day out, and the process is not going to stop any time sooner. Android was introduced several years ago and started a revolution in mobile operating systems. Since that time, many things have changed in mobile app development.  If you are a developer or entrep

Project Discovery – Why It is Important?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 8th Apr, 2020 Imagine, you have a new software development project to start, and you are responsible for the product delivery. In such a case before your team begins its development, it’s necessary to understand whether the product is able to compensate for the expenses and resources (people, time, money) for

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) vs Website + iOS/Android Native Apps

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 7th Apr, 2020 The mobile market is growing at a fast pace. According to the research, the number of mobile users in the world will reach 3 billion by the end of this year. To cater to the current customer’s demands and meet their expectations, brands need to optimize their online store for smartphones. But, that a