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Most Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 19th May, 2020 Business strategies are becoming more complex and advanced and enterprises are now shifting towards mobile applications. However, the developers need to build an apt platform using the right set of development tools to reach out to consumers. Over the past few years, the number of programming languages

Top 13 Android App Development Trends For 2020

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 18th May, 2020 New technologies are appearing day in day out, and the process is not going to stop any time sooner. Android was introduced several years ago and started a revolution in mobile operating systems. Since that time, many things have changed in mobile app development.  If you are a developer or entrep

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) vs Website + iOS/Android Native Apps

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 7th Apr, 2020 The mobile market is growing at a fast pace. According to the research, the number of mobile users in the world will reach 3 billion by the end of this year. To cater to the current customer’s demands and meet their expectations, brands need to optimize their online store for smartphones. But, that a

Top JavaScript Frameworks in 2020

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 6th Apr, 2020 Even if you ask a beginner of programming about what a JavaScript framework is, he can quickly tell about it. The JavaScript Framework lays a foundation and enables a developer to develop the JavaScript code using the framework. A framework includes libraries, API, and various functionalities. The most

How to Build a School Bus Tracking System?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 2nd Mar, 2020 The school administrators and principals have the responsibility to build a secure and comfortable environment for students. For ensuring student safety, school administrators require a school bus tracking system that is transparent for both parents and school.  In this modern era of taxi booking

Examples for Web/Mobile Application Technology Stacks

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 26th Feb, 2020 Do you have a unique app idea in mind?  There is no doubt that the technology stack of your app is an important thing to consider, But what is a technology stack?  Technology stack is a set of services used for making application software. It is a factor that influences its ability to scale, speed, [

Top 25 Ways to Promote your Mobile App

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 23rd Sep, 2019 So you want your mobile app to be successful?! You’ve heard that to make money you have to spend money but you’ve already spent so much money on your mobile app that you don’t want to spend money promoting it as well. Fortunately, there are ways to promote your mobile app without spending extra m

Mobile App Development Process for Newcomers

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 20th Sep, 2019 If it ever seems like everyone has an app and anyone could build one, that’s because it’s true. Building an app is a bit like building a house. You have access to all of the tools and information that you need, you just need to put in the time, energy, and money. This article won’t […]