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How to Write Good Requirements for Your Startup

Posted by: Beth George | On: 1st Aug, 2019 An excerpt from the upcoming book by Jon Skulemowski, Startup and DRIVE: How to take your startup across the finish line, a must read for all who are interested in startup consulting Developers are never on autopilot When it comes to organizing their feature set, many clients overlook the level of d

What’s the Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing

Posted by: Beth George | On: 25th Jul, 2019 Staff augmentation and outsourcing are both great options for companies that need more work or more specialized work than they employ currently either because of oversite, a limited employee pool, or changing company needs. That doesn’t mean that staff augmentation and outsourcing are the same. It’

How to Test a Programmers Coding Ability Before Hiring

Posted by: Beth George | On: 25th Jul, 2019 When your startup is hiring the first developers, it can be hard to assess their coding skills. This is especially true when nobody in the current team is qualified to judge their coding skills. This is often the case when people with business or other degrees come up with an idea for a product without

What should be the Next Step once you have a Successful MVP?

Posted by: Beth George | On: 22nd May, 2019 Many startups start with a Minimum Viable Product (“MVP” for short) or minimum sellable product. But, what should your MVP look like and what should it do for you? Of course, the details of this are different based on what exactly your group does. However, there are a couple of boxes that anyone sh