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Refactor The Code or Rewrite The Code, How to Know?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 2nd Nov, 2020 It is said that a code just when has been written becomes a legacy. There are multiple times when a code is found to be not working or is full of bugs. Then the developer has to dig into that old infected code and work on it and its components. They do so to extend […]

How to Split Equity Among Founders?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 13th Oct, 2020 One of the major issues faced by many founders at the start of their startups is to decide how to split equity among the founders. There could be thousands of questions that come into mind and would make it even harder to come to a decision. This becomes more complicated if you join hands with [&hellip

How to Patent an App Idea?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 9th Oct, 2020 Patent an App Original ideas have been of vital importance from the beginning. Today’s techno entrepreneurial world considers it precious to have patents, more so if it concerns a smartphone application. Thus it is very important to safeguard your app idea by getting it patented and save it from

In-House Or Outsourced? How to decide your team?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 18th May, 2020 When you are building a business or during the growth of your business, the main question faces by every business owner is how to grow your team, what to choose? – In-house or Outsourcing team? With the Internet revolution going strong, the outsourcing business has started gaining traction, and p

Project Discovery – Why It is Important?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 8th Apr, 2020 Imagine, you have a new software development project to start, and you are responsible for the product delivery. In such a case before your team begins its development, it’s necessary to understand whether the product is able to compensate for the expenses and resources (people, time, money) for

Mobile App Ideas for Construction Industries

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 7th Apr, 2020 The construction industry has a major contribution to our economy. It caters to the infrastructure requirements of multiple sectors. However, efficient operations and proper management of the construction industry is not possible without coordination between professionals.  We live in an era where

Are There Any Extra Taxes for Outsourcing Software Projects?

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 27th Mar, 2020 If you are a US-based entrepreneur or a startup looking for outsourcing projects to an offshore company, it is very common to have concerns regarding any tax implications that can occur in the process. Many companies provide services in various sectors like logistics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, e-co

Need of Service Level Agreements in Outsourcing Contracts

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 10th Mar, 2020 SLAs are a crucial service contract component between the service provider and the customer. The essential steps to align between the sales and marketing departments are creating an SLA that provides specific and measurable features. An SLA offers remedies to the customer and defines what they receive