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Most popular javascript frameworks in 2018

Posted by: Ashley | On: 11th Sep, 2018 Why are JavaScript frameworks important? Frameworks are tools that allow for the easy construction of user interfaces on the web and mobile application pages. JavaScript Frameworks are just frameworks that work with the programming language JavaScript. Many JavaScript Frameworks also work with or req

Top Marketing tools for Startups

Posted by: Ashley | On: 11th Sep, 2018 Key marketing tools for startups Starting your own business can be hard, especially in the early phases as you are building your team. The good news is that there are lots of online tools and services to help you get the work done. This article will discuss some of our favorite tools for your main [&he

Key Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2018 and Beyond

Posted by: Ashley | On: 7th Sep, 2018 Mobile App Development Trends in 2018 Android is one of the two major operating systems for mobile devices. As such, it is always on the cutting edge of mobile computing technology. It also doesn’t hurt that the platform is based in the Linux operating system and developed by technology giant Google.

Why do companies outsource software development?

Posted by: Ashley | On: 3rd Sep, 2018 It’s common knowledge that most companies outsource much of the software development. But why wouldn’t the companies just hire software developers? This article will talk about the key reasons that lead many industries to outsource rather than hiring software developers. Deloitte conducted a detail

How much does it cost to make an app – A review

Posted by: Ashley | On: 24th Aug, 2018  How much does it cost to develop a mobile app If you’re looking to develop a mobile app or have a mobile app developed for your business, you’re likely wondering how much it will cost. Of course, all apps are different, and all apps have a different path to development. It is one of the […

How to tell the Difference Between a Frontend Developer, a Backend Developer, and a UI Developer

Posted by: Sierra | On: 8th Apr, 2018 You open a new browser tab, type in your desired URL and hit the enter button. Within a few milliseconds, the website loads.. The immaculate layout, robust pages and the impressive visuals displayed will be breathtaking. The people involved behind this are the frontend, backend, and UI developers. A we

How To Choose A PHP Framework

Posted by: Elan Thomas | On: 18th Dec, 2017   Top 11 PHP Frameworks and How to Choose One?   Are you scouting the internet to find the best framework that appropriates for your business? Have you ever wondered which is the most sought framework and which companies out there are ruling the internet with PHP websites? Right from Facebook

5 Critical Steps To Build A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Posted by: Elan Thomas | On: 7th Dec, 2017 A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users. Minimum Via