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November 2, 2016

Armia’s new app optimizes the development process

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The Armia System project management and communication app introduced on iTunes App Store

When it comes to the development of a business’s brand, mobile applications are essential. According to Forbes, it is not enough that a company have a mobile app. There must be a level of engagement in order to have high levels of gross. Furthermore, applications which are free and provide higher levels of interactivity have shown to have positive results in the overall success of the companies which use them. Being that the information points to the necessity for app development, startup companies need to ensure that the development of their applications is well managed. With a team development, it is not uncommon for the development of the application or the website to spiral out of control when managed from affar. It is for this reason that we have developed this new management and communications app.

What is the Armia Systems Project Dashboard?

The application developed by Armia Systems allows for customers working with their development team to have direct communication to the web development and application development professionals. The application is intended to provide an open stream means of communication and organization to minimize the frivolous back and forth which emails and document sharing without direct contact seems to produce. And while the application is not an one-on-one application such as skype, it does provide a central portal in which information and data can be shared with the individual members of the team. By allowing for real time communications, scheduled meetings, and definitive tasks to be set, the process of development is optimized with minimized risk for lost time due to communication lags. Furthermore, by having such information in an application, communications and management can be monitored from any IOS compatible device, thus furthering the optimization of time and management for the project while at the same time minimizing the risk of depleted ROI due to miscommunication and poor development schedules.

Key Features

Similar to internet pages which manage the workflow of a project, the Armia Systems Project dashboard presents he user with weekly reports, task assignments, as well as comments and updates. iScripts PM app allows for updates to tasks as well as project details to be conveyed to team members. What is ideal for the application is that there is no need to have various email accounts stored. All of the information between various parties can be accessed through one dashboard. By centralizing the team into one location, team members can see the notes, concerns, and priorities of the project and adjust their workflow accordingly.

As the customer of Armia, concerns which are posted during the holidays, outside of the normal business schedule, etc. can be updated through the operational overview sections. And while there may be a slight delay in communications, the real-time design of the application makes communication and management of your web or app development timely and efficient.


Perhaps one of the best notable features of the application is the ability to access minutes from the weekly meetings. This ability allows the customer to see the progress as well as the various development stages of his or her project. By having weekly minute updates, customer’s are assured that the project is moving forward and that (unfortunately as some competitive companies do) it has not been pushed aside for higher paying clientele.

System Requirements

Although he Armia System Project Dashboard Support application is free for anyone to download from the iTunes store, it should be noted that the application only works in conjunction with existing customers of Armia Systems meaning that projects outside of Armia cannot be managed and have tasks delegated. Furthermore, the application is designed for the IOS system and as such is compatible with IOS 9.2 or later. Android version of app is still under development and expected to be realesed next quarter.

We plan to release a free standing version of the apps and platform for startups developing with inhouse teams or freelancers after successful adoption from existing clients.

For more information about the management and communications app or if you would like to find out more information about the web application development services offered by Armia Systems, please contact our project team. Armia Systems Inc. is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and startup businesses build up their platforms with their own teams while establishing a presence on the web through their web development and applications.

January 28, 2015

White Label Web Development for Agencies

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What do agencies want?

As the demand for web development services increases, so do the opportunities for agencies to expand revenue and grow their reach. Unfortunately, small and medium sized companies may struggle with the overhead costs of finding skilled workers that can produce quality work in so many different areas of expertise.
We have worked with many agencies to provide technical solutions for their clients. Sometimes our partners prefer to send their customer directly to us, so we can manage many aspects of the project. This allows the agency’s staff to devote time to other tasks while ensuring their customers are well taken care of. In the past when we worked with agencies developing technical solutions for their clients, we used one of the two models. In one model agencies introduce as to the client as technical partner. In those cases we work with the end client directly. But many times agencies want to work with the clients directly with Armia Systems and our programmers behind the screens. We are open to both models. In fact we created a new whitelabel development services for agencies.

Many agencies however, would rather have full control over the branding, while still receiving incredible support from our programmers and developers.That is why we created a white label development service. Many entrepreneurs, startups and agencies have found success by using white labeled software. At Armia Systems Inc., we pride ourselves on the quality of our software and love to work with professionals who are ready to empower and grow their business.
This means when we do work for you at any stage of the process, we can hand over the work to you and all references to Armia Systems are removed from the code. No one knows we were there. You bill your clients directly and pay us a percentage.

Is your Agency or Web Development business running into problems like these:
• Trouble keeping up with deadlines.
• Having difficulty finding trustworthy freelancers and contractors.
• Limited by the size of your in-house team.
Are you putting a lid on your agency’s potential by limiting the amount of work you can offer to clients?

Imagine the amount of growth your business would experience if you could offer all of these services to your customers:
– IOS and Android Mobile Apps
– Custom web applications in PHP or Ruby on Rails
– Provide Powerful eCommerce Solutions
– Appointment Booking websites
– Social Media Apps
– Managing customer server infrastructure
– Build Daily Deals Style Websites
– Reservation Platforms for Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Campgrounds and Retreat Centers
– Full Service Support Desk on Your Clients Website
– Develop Social Networking Sites
– Private Membership Communities
And So Much More…

agency services

Our tech team develops web apps in PHP, Ruby on Rails and more. We also create mobile apps for iOS and Android. We will work together through every step – start to finish and you can enjoy spectacular support from our Chicago based staff. Many of our tech industry peers in the agency space (social media agencies, design firms, marketing companies) run great companies, but don’t always have the in-house developer resources complete their client projects. They have contacted us in the past to augment their tech team , finish their half done projects, lead the development of projects. Normally we finish the project based on their client requirements and hand over to agency accounts team to present the work to clients. In effect we work as a extended technical team for you. But to your clients we could be in incognito mode. When we do white label work, we remove all references to Armia Systems in our code and hand over all the work to you. No one knows we were there. You bill your clients directly and pay us a portion of it.
Whitelabeling allows you to provide in demand, high quality services and products to your customers for a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of building it from scratch. You can stop sending customers away and start saying yes by partnering with Armia Systems Inc. Our products are completely customizable to match your Agency’s unique brand. Your clients will never know who developed the software, but they will be grateful that your company can provide valuable solutions for all of their needs. Not only will using our white labeled products benefit your customer’s businesses, it will help you achieve greater success in yours.

Offer a Wider Range of Services
Technology is rapidly changing, every day brings new challenges and opportunities to people working in web based markets. Many businesses follow the latest trends, and if your agency can’t keep up – they may find someone who can. Unfortunately, it just isn’t sustainable to simply hire more employees or contractors who are experts every time a new innovation hits the marketplace. Still, it isn’t any fun to turn away a client who wants to spend their money with you, just because you don’t have the in house capabilities to complete the job they need. Wouldn’t it be great if the next time a customer asked for something you could smile and say “absolutely”?
Now you can.
By using white labeled products from Armia, you can offer the same top-of-the-line products and services provided by the world’s largest agencies, without the struggles of doing it all yourself.
Owning your own business takes a lot of effort. For small to medium size agencies, many staff members must take on multiple responsibilities in order to ensure its success. Marketing, sales, project management and accounting are just a few of the tasks that all design and development companies must perform well for their business to grow and yield good results. When projects come into your agency it’s important to have your team available to finish the job accurately and on time.
Save Money
Paying a full time salary to employees is expensive, so is recruiting and paying contractors. Hiring extra staff not only takes five figures away from potential profits but it also eats away at your overhead costs. Rather than hiring several developers that have the skills to develop code for every platform, you can utilize our white label products and have an entire team of highly qualified experts that are always here to help. It’s like hiring your own development department without paying a fortune.

Developing complex software can get expensive, particularly when troubleshooting bugs and reworking mistakes. Running into issues early on is common. Your company has spent a lot of time, money and resources creating strong customer morale. Delivering a subpar product could make them lose faith. This can cause a profit loss for the future, and can cause your businesses to lose your loyal customer base.
Our tech team can develop web applications in PHP , or Ruby on Rails. Our mobile development team can develop iOS or Android apps for your clients. Take the stress off of your business and rest assured that your projects will be handled with care. At Armia Systems Inc., we work hard to ensure that our products go above and beyond client expectations. We have already field tested our software and know that it provides support and value to our own customers. We simply want help you bypass the hard work and risk involved by sharing our quality products with you. Get the tools you need to grow your business and make your clients dreams come true.

Ready to get started? Contact our Chicago based development team today.

September 30, 2013

Mobile App Companions for Web Applications

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This is a common scenario. You have a successful web application for your customers, employees or partners. They work great on desktop browsers, but not very well on smartphones and tablets. How do you make your websites phone-friendly?

At Armia Systems, we have seen these scenarios many times. There are a couple options to consider.  One route is to create a mobile version of your website, but the most common solution is to create a  mobile app companion.

If you already have a website, it is fairly easy to link the app to an existing website and its database. Because of this, most of the work would be done on the website. Normally the mobile app could be very lightweight initially. For this, we usually create a small API to connect with the mobile app to avoid any disruption to the existing web app.  To make a website responsive, we can also create something very similar.  This way, your web app can “talk” directly to your mobile app companion.

Don’t limit your users or cause them to become frustrated with an inaccessible website. This solution can work well even if you have web applications that handle  ordering systems, CRM databases or other systematic operations and processes.

Whether you would like to create a mobile version of your site or a mobile app companion, Armia Systems can easily deliver a viable and affordable solution for you.  We offer the e-business services you need to make your business a success. Your needs are met with speed and precision by our highly trained team of IT professionals. Since we have created hundreds of web and mobile applications for clients from various industries, you can be certain we have the skills to handle your most demanding projects.

Take a look at our portfolio or contact us at 312.423.6728 for more information.

September 26, 2013

CheckerApp Social App to Engage with Your Users

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Armia Systems developers recently developed a new app called CheckerApp. This solution was created as a way for brands to effectively socially connect with their customers.

In social media, users can connect with brands. They can like you, follow you and sometimes engage with your pages.  Wouldn’t it be better if your users could broadcast to their friends and followers, fueling them not to just “like” things but use them?  CheckerApp allows users to announce thoughts and feelings like “I like Pepsi” by scanning the bar code on the Pepsi can with their phone.  By incentivizing real engagement, users will actively participate. These campaigns can be brand-sponsored or user generated with user generated content.

From the development side, the app  has 3 pieces:

1. Web Application for Users and Brands to Manage Accounts –  Brands can create new campaigns and products, manage images and more.

2. Facebook and Twitter Apps – Make viral communication possible through users’ friends and followers via invites, posts, likes, open graph and search graph. This is app is also integrated with the Facebook mobile and mobile scans.

3. Mobile App for Users – Users can scan new products and have this information shared automatically. The UPC scan area and interface include the app and large barcode/UPC database to select the product and identify the campaign.

By utilizing CheckerApp, brands have a chance to see how users are consuming products, while users themselves can also look up products by entering the barcode on the website or even save scans for later use.  Users simply download the app from the iPhone App Store, scan barcodes belonging to their favorite products and share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

CheckerApp is written in PHP 5 with a mySQL database. The mobile app was developed in iOS using objective c and cocoa.

Users simply download the app from the iPhone App Store, scan barcodes belonging to their favorite products and share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.  Brands can provide incentives like free products and points for their fans to use and share products.

Want to know more? Check out our Portfolio or give us a call at (312)423-6728 to speak with a specialist.

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