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How Technology Is Improving Logistics and Transportation Industry

Posted by: Beth George | On: 1st Aug, 2019 When we think about technology, we too often think of just the stuff that the media likes. Virtual reality and robots being sent into space are cool, but they don’t impact how most of us live. Logistics is a much less romantic field but it impacts all of us every day. Logistics involves the coordinat

How To Safeguard Your Company When Firing An Existing Developer

Posted by: Beth George | On: 29th Jul, 2019 Here’s an industry secret – some technology projects fail. There’s a number of reasons that this can happen but this article is about what to do after it happens. When you’ve put time and energy into a project that doesn’t work it can feel like the whole company will go down with it. This doe

What Is an SDK and How Is It Different from an API?

Posted by: Beth George | On: 25th Jul, 2019 You hear your Chief Technical Officer or mobile developer keep talking about the issues with SDK, APIs and all. They may also be talking about APIs. They probably make these things sound very important but they’re pretty specialist terms so unless you’re a developer, you might not know what all of

What CTOs Need to Tell CFO About Software Development Outsourcing

Posted by: Beth George | On: 25th Jul, 2019   In many organizations without complete buy-in from Chief Financial Officers, software outsourcing is a hard sell. That’s a real shame because it can be a great way for an organization to get things done – especially if the software isn’t their main priority or if they are just starting out

Is Website Development Cost a Capital Expense?

Posted by: Beth George | On: 20th May, 2019 Any small business owner knows that tax forms and guidelines are complex. As impossible as it may seem, tax filers need to navigate this field successfully to make the most of a business. This is becoming increasingly complicated as tax laws constantly lag behind changes in the business field due to te

Top 30 SaaS Software Examples and New Ideas

Posted by: Beth George | On: 18th May, 2019 In this era of online-based businesses in the lead, it is hardly rare to find businesses that do not use cloud computing for different purposes. Among the major classifications of cloud computing comes our topic of the day, SaaS or Software-as-a-Service. You may have seen “SaaS” thrown around but i