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Client Spotlight: ‘RailFactor’ All-In-One Railway Platform

by Noyal Sharook
Railway website

RailFactor is a comprehensive platform that connects Railway professionals from all over the world to share their insights, discuss industry news, search for jobs and participate in mutual personal and business development. It is the brainchild of Australia-based Entrepreneur Mr. Deepu Dharmarajan who has 22 years of expertise in Railway Signaling and most modern communication-based driverless solutions. Armia Systems has been the proud technical partner of the project from day one.

Mr. Deepu says that his intense desire to help people understand the Rail industry better led to the project. Railways, while a universal mode of transport, have varied practices across the globe. This makes it a struggle for people who move from one country to another to get a grip on the industry, especially without proper mentorship. RailFactor is made with the specific need to alleviate these problems for railway professionals to find jobs and get advice. It also goes above and beyond by bringing on-board Railway-related companies and providing a marketplace to buy and sell products. 

Mr. Deepu has experience working in the Railway industries of multiple countries, including India, Netherlands, Singapore and Australia. His first experience was working on the signaling system design of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for the French company Alstom. Signaling is the process that ensures a safe distance between trains on a track and prevents them from colliding. As his experience grew, Mr. Deepu moved on to work in different large-scale projects worldwide including Betuwe Route Project -The Netherlands, Incheon Airport RailRoad -Korea, FMG Mining Railway and BHP Mining Railway – Australia, Thomson East Coast Line- Singapore and Manila Light Rail Project- Philippines.

Armia Systems worked closely with Mr. Deepu to understand all his wishes and requirements. He wanted RailFactor to be a platform where Railway professionals from all over the world could share their experience and be part of a unified community. It is designed to be a one-stop-solution for everything in the industry.

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About RailFactor

Deepu railfactor

Besides professional industry blogs and advice, RailFactor hosts training sessions from various experts on the latest technology, real-time layouts and proven data. It will be a platform not just for people but also for companies. All railway-related companies can create profiles on the website, share updates, internal news, and even post job vacancies. Additionally, Railway suppliers can use the eCommerce platform to reach prospective buyers and sellers.

RailFactor has been featured and appreciated in various global news outlets such as FOX, Benzinga, Market Watch and The Hindu. Currently, it has a user base of 2,000 members and 20,000 unique visitors, and the number is growing day by day.

Some of the key features of RailFactor include:

  • Users can create a professional Railway profile listing their career credentials and other experience.
  • Members can connect with members as well as industry experts on the platform.
  • Option for users to write posts and articles on the latest industry news, latest technology, their experiences
  • Members can send emails and messages directly to others on the platform. They can join groups related to specific topics they like.
  • Railway-related companies can set up official pages- detailing their nature of work and the products they sell. 
  • Companies can share work-related articles and updates, job postings, press releases and other relevant news.
  • Users can list tenders to get offers from contractors and service providers for various projects
  • Online training by industry experts.

Building the Community- iScripts SocialWare

As you can see, one of the key features of RailFactor is its extensive community feature. The base for it comes from Armia’s turnkey software division iScripts. Using iScripts SocialWare- Social networking Software, we could provide RailFactor with a solid social networking foundation comparable to any world-class platform, including Facebook and LinkedIn. The solution is open-source and flexible enough to be customized to all the requirements that Mr. Deepu Dharmarajan expected from his all-in-one Railway platform.

Armia’s dedicated development team was tasked with building RailFactor with iScripts SocialWare as its base. This includes changes to the backend administrative dashboard as well adding new features such as the Marketplace.

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