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Extending Your Web Applications to Facebook

by Ashley Zimmerman

If you currently have a customer facing web application, it probably makes sense for you to consider extending to Facebook. This way, your customers can effortlessly share their app activity with friends.  Ultimately, this can drastically add to your total social presence by fueling word-of-mouth marketing and increasing reach plus overall sales.

Linking a page or sharing a page with friends is just the beginning.  This option goes much further beyond your current set up. Let’s face it – how many people are going to like your individual pages? If you give them an easy way to get what they want, the apps can effortlessly share this content and help your customers accomplish tasks.

With the creation of open graph apps, you now have access to new customers that are predisposed to “like” your business.  Most businesses, like marketplaces, shopping carts, communities, music or video apps etc., can add a decent Facebook app.  Some fun app examples include promotional apps that allow your users to read bios, view photos, hear and see the video and audio clips, enjoy streaming social radio and explore social news readers.  These are just a few examples of ways your customers can share app activity on Facebook.

Maybe you have considered developing a Facebook app for contests or specific marketing activities.  In this case, you have the ability to actively promote your services or products through Facebook.  Regardless of your existing apps or active or passive methods, extending your app to Facebook will open up a larger target market.  As Facebook increases to develop their own platform, this access to information will increase and become even more valuable over time.

While we encourage you to select the programming team that works for you, we pride ourselves in being able to achieve the most complex solutions at the most reasonable prices. The experienced web programmers at Armia Systems can construct the perfect Facebook app for your business.  We have created a number of Facebook applications such as Ravox, Social Defender, Checker App, and more.  View our portfolio for more examples of our unique and interesting projects.

Armia Systems is located in Chicago, IL and working with a team of 40+ developers, we can certainly help you achieve your social goals.

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