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How to create a companion app for your website?

by Ashley Zimmerman
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Companion apps or add-on apps play a specific role in the larger scope of business. Companion apps can create additional value to customers by accompanying websites or other services and products, but are you aware that it can also increase value and efficiency for your business?  

If you want to know more about companion apps and how they are beneficial for businesses, continue reading:

What are companion apps?

Companion apps are software applications that run on a different device than the primary intended or main application. They usually provide content that is similar to the primary user experience but could be a subset of it, having fewer features and being portable in nature.

For example, If you created an internal or external web application many years ago, you may have not yet created a way for your partners, employees or customers to take advantage of its use through mobile devices and tablets.  This is were a companion app comes in. Creating a separate application for mobile devices incorporating or mimicking all or some of the features of the web app will help in wider adoptability and on-the-go use.

Why do you need a companion app for your Online business?

Companion apps can save your business time and money by also allowing data or geolocation information to be collected. With big companies including Google adopting a mobile-first approach, having your website in all possible platforms will be helpful reach a wider audience.

Now is a great time to make a companion app for your business. There has been an increasing trend for businesses to go online from the beginning of this decade, and it is not expected to stop any time soon. Instead of creating a costly, and high-spec native mobile app, companion apps help these business to have presence in almost all platforms and devices without the cost or hassle.

Customer-facing companion apps allow the business to increase interaction and interactivity with potential and current customers, which can also fuel sales. Regardless of the type of business you operate, there are many options to consider.  

If employees go offsite, they can easily collect pertinent data (like signatures).  Customers can log in to perform actions such as booking appointments, order and make purchases online, update account information and much more.

If you have a group, such as merchants or sellers, they can stay up-to-date with sales, shipments and more. These are just some of the advantages of having a companion app for your website.

Advantages of companion apps:

  • They extend functionality
  • They help reach a wider audience
  • The ensure availability across multiple devices
  • Helps make your business services portable and mobile
  • Easier and more affordable to build

Building a companion app

You may be surprised to hear that creating a companion app is not very complicated. What we found most useful is creating a small, internal API. This is compatible with all apps – iPad, iPhone or Android apps.  This API allows all content to be simultaneously available in multiple devices without functional interoperability.

When you modify a web application, you do not need to change the mobile app. Similarly, when the mobile app is changed, it can be independent of the web app.

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