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How to Perform a Third-Party Code Review?

by Mariya Parackal
Third-Party Code Review

The ability to perform a third-party code review is very important for any individual or company that requires a certain piece of software to be downloaded, executed, or otherwise used within their computer system.

The use of such programs is on the increase, and there are many more types of software that can be written and distributed that require the use of different codes for them to execute or run correctly.

For these particular reasons, it is necessary to know how to perform a third-party code inspection on today’s market’s various software packages.

Basics of Performing Third-Party Code Review

Here remain some of the basic steps involved for those unaware of how to perform a third-party code review on a piece of software.

Here is how it is generally performed for those unfamiliar with how to perform a third-party code inspection. 

  • Once you have gotten a free copy of the software in question, open up the program and begin inspecting its code for anything that may look like a problem. 
  • From here, you should note any potentially problematic issues that you come across and any other issues that you find that are similar to previous issues you have reviewed before. 
  • Once you have located these problems, you should immediately report them to the software developers and notify them of your findings to be addressed accordingly.

Understanding Third-Party Code Review

Performing a third-party code review is not difficult to understand. It is very easy to do if you give the proper instructions to follow. 

  • For those unfamiliar with how to perform a third-party code inspection, it is recommended that you invest in a high-quality code reader to make sure that you are not missing any issues during this process. 
  • You should also be sure that you have a patch installed on your system before analyzing the software’s code. 
  • This is because there can sometimes be security or compatibility issues that will only be available once the patch is applied. 
  • Once you have found all of the issues you need to inspect, follow the instructions that accompany the download to begin analyzing the program’s source code.
Third-Party Code Review

Benefits of Third-Party Code Review & Inspection

  • Prevents You from Committing Technical Errors 

One of the major advantages of third-party code review is that it prevents you from committing technical errors that cost you hours or even days of lost work time.

While a thorough understanding of your application’s architecture is very important, the type of mistakes that come from jumping into the code too quickly and without being familiar with the application’s internals can be harder to avoid. 

As a business owner, if you’re eager to get started building your application but lack the expertise to quickly and thoroughly read and understand the code, the cost can be far higher than if you had hired an expert developer to do the work for you.

By using third-party testers to build, debug and evaluate your application code, you’ll gain a quick understanding of any flaws in the code without requiring a long stay at your office. This can help you focus on the most pressing issues before they have time to compromise your production.

  • Ensures that your App Meets the Highest Standards of Security

Another advantage is that third-party code review makes sure that your application meets the highest standards of security and integrity available.

You can get assured that if someone were to gain access to your application, the code would be scrutinized to ensure its safety and quality before it was released. 

This security and quality level is not possible with your own eyes, and you need a third-party tester to verify these stringent conditions have been met.

After all, your customers rely on your applications, and if they think your code is riddled with holes, they will stop using your service altogether!

  • Offers a Variety of Special Features and Enhancements

When a third-party code review is performed, the company providing the service will inspect the application source code and verify that it passes all the tests they’ve formulated for it.

From there, the software engineers will customize the application according to your specifications. In addition to customizing the application code, they may also add special features or enhancements. 

Once the application has been completely tested and optimized for specific business requirements, you can distribute it to your customers. This gives you a way to provide exceptional service at an affordable price – for now, that remains the biggest advantage of third-party code review over in-house testing!

Third-Party Code Review

Third-Party System & SQL Audit

  • System Audit

With third-party systems audits, the organization can ensure that its systems are bug-free before being released to the masses. The code review will catch any hidden security holes that may not be visible during a manual code audit.

The audit will also ensure that there are no known problems with the system that the programmers missed while testing the application or designing the system.

A human can’t check every single line of the application like a system engineer.

The audit can cover all kinds of systems, from network, desktop, database, to servers. The cost of a third-party audit depends on the scale of the requirements.

If there are several network nodes in the organization, then it will require more services and resources than if the requirements are small. Therefore, the total cost will differ from each project.

Most of the time, the costs incurred by third-party companies are less than those required by large corporations.

  • SQL Audit

If you have ever run into any problems with the SQL server, you might want to hire one of the expert companies to go in and make sure that everything is working correctly. It can be costly, but it’s better safe than sorry.

You need to think about when you are thinking about a third-party SQL audit to help you find problems before they become large-scale problems.

So what kind of problems could those third-party companies find?

Anything that you did wrong in the SQL server or the application you are running could come up in a SQL audit.

Whether it turns out to be a small or big issue, you will be able to find it and have it fixed before too long.

If you get it fixed before it becomes too large of a problem, you can avoid paying hundreds of dollars for a technician to fix it.

The Final Say

Performing third-party code inspection and code enforcement is an essential task of software engineers. The practice of reviewing and commenting on source code and finding defects is one of the core activities of most software engineering organizations.

But just as there are many ways software development teams perform code inspections, there are only a few ways to enforce their code policies. 

And because these policies often specify precisely what the software development team is allowed to do, understanding how and why this enforcement occurs can help software engineers distinguish their practices from those of other teams that aren’t practicing good third-party code inspection practices.

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