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How to Write an Amazing RFP?

by Mariya Parackal

So, You’re looking to develop a mobile or web application and all you need is to get the right service provider. 

Now, What are the things you needed to be done? 

RFP template

An RFP (Request for Proposal) is a document that classifies all the needs and requirements of a project. Companies create an RFP document for upcoming projects. And this will be shared as a form of proposal to potential vendors and agencies. 

The service providers and agencies then bid to win the contract, based on the RFP requirements. Thus, RFP helps you to compare different vendors in a level playing field. 

So the things you needed are, You need to create a simple RFP which helps developers to build what in your mind. And also include who you are and why should they choose you among other RFP’s. 

Look at the mobile/web app proposal elements given below:

  1. Executive Summary

This section will include an overview of your organization, the business problem, the solution and the description of the proposed project. Here describing your problem in the best way is the key way to get the desired solution from the different kinds of solutions. So, describe the goal of the project and what all required from the vendor. 

2. Company Overview

Write up a brief overview of your company. Mention about what makes you a better choice by showing how your company works, company goals, target audience. 

You can use these points:

  • What problem does your company is trying to solve
  • What is your marketing strategy 
  • What all products and services do you provide
  • Which is your targeted Industry and market
  • Who is your targeted audience
  • Who makes decisions and lead the project. 

3. Project Description

In this project description part, you need to provide as many details about your project for a thorough understanding. So it will be easy to get suggestions from the responders and to find a proper solution. 

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  • What kind of features and functions does your app require
  • Mention if you have any preferences for devices or operating systems
  • Include the wireframes, mockups, prototype, and user journeys

Try to write this section more clearly, it will help suppliers to assume the average price. And that will make it easier for you to analyze how much does each item costs. 


  • What you want in your app
  • How your users will interact with the app
  • Specify the interfacing data sources and back end systems of your mobile application

4. Project Requirements

Services: Which are the services you require for the app?

  • Development
  • Consulting 
  • Design and UI
  • QA and testing 
  • Maintenance
  • User experience 

Platforms and Devices: Define on which platform should the solution has to be built 

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

And In which all devices should it developed? 

  • Smartphone
  • Desktop
  • Tablet 
  • TV

Special Features: What kind of data you need to add in your mobile application

  • Push Notifications
  • User Data
  • Analytics

If you own any web services you have to tell the web development team or outsource team about the existing system. And let them know If the system has any available APIs. 

5. Budget Details

The range of budget may vary according to the complexity of the project. The budget you decide should be based on two factors:

  • How complex is the solution to your problem
  • The quality and experience you are looking for the solution
  • Total size of the project which includes, Platforms, User flows, Functions, and Features 

To get accurate responses from vendors you have to provide a budget range. It will help the firms to understand what services they can offer to meet your business goal. 

6. Project Timeline

For every milestone, you decide on the project, try to choose realistic dates. 

The Project timeline includes:

  • Date of project launch
  • Starting period of development
  • How long the project will take?
  • Explain if you have any outside dependency and release date of the project

7. Proposal Timeline

In a proposal timeline, you have to include the due date of proposals, time frames of each stage, the timeline of proposal assessment, presentations if any, the final decision about winning bidder. Here you can tell your vendors what you require, and it will help to get standardized responses. 

8. Mobile Agency Overview

  • What is the mission of the company and How long its been in business
  • What makes the company differentiate it from competitors
  • What is the size of the company
  • How many people work in the development, design, quality assurance, and project management teams. 
  • Which tools are used to handle communication on a daily basis
  • What all are the services offered by your company
  • What are the company approaches to development
  • What coding standards are followed and who owns the code
  • Try to provide some references for your project, case studies, list of clients and their project summaries, awards.

9. Proposal

Here you have to ensure that the company understands your needs.

  • What is the scope of your project and what would be your recommendations
  • Show some examples of your previous projects
  • Provide a detailed project timeline for the initial launch
  • Provide an estimated budget and pricing model
  • What are support plans in case of breakdowns and offered services and costs 

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The above template will help you to create the best RFP for your app. If you want quality responses you need to come up with quality documents. So, This template will make a lot of your work easier. 

You can make any changes in this web application proposal template as per your needs. 

Click here to download an editable RFP template you can use to create a world-class RFP. You can use the template for mobile applications, cloud applications, and websites.

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