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Why PHP for Web Development?

by sejin

According to the W3Tech report, more than 78% of websites use PHP till January 2022. 

PHP 7.4 version is the most used PHP framework. While most of the websites dropped, the support for PHP 7.3 version on 6th December 2021 as per the W3Tech report.

PHP: hypertext preprocessor, also known as PHP, is a general-purpose scripting language developed for web development. PHP was initially created in 1994 by Danish Canadians. 

There are lots of programming languages that exist in the IT industry. But PHP is the most preferred programming language by the developer.

Programs and applications built with PHP technology are more robust. Now, you will know why you should use PHP rather than other programming languages.

What makes PHP development differ from other programming languages?


Some popular social media platforms and websites like Facebook, Yahoo, and more have used the PHP language for their development. 

The following incredible advantages of PHP frameworks will force you to choose this language

  • Open-source language and free of charge
  • PHP-based applications can run on every OS device, including Windows and Linux.
  • Less learning curve due to simple to use
  • Help in reusing an equivalent code; no need to write new code for the latest event of web development 
  • Assistance in managing codes efficiently and effectively
  • The flexibility of PHP make PHP combine with other programming languages 
  • Faster loading time over slow internet than other programming languages
  • Powerful library support
  • Reduce time and effort to build web applications and content-based sites

This is not the end of the advantages of the PHP framework. PHP development technologies also avail many benefits that you will experience during the use of PHP.

However, some professional developers also deny using PHP for your project. This is because it has several disadvantages, like PHP does not allow modification in the core behavior of online apps. But PHP is helping small businesses develop web applications and websites at an affordable cost.

PHP helps you to create futuristic and entertaining websites and applications. The latest version of PHP, known as PHP 7.4, enhances user experience.

You can also perform several incredible tasks with PHP 7.4. Want to know what you can do with the latest version of PHP and MySQL web development?

Top incredible uses of PHP development language

Some developers think that PHP and MySQL web development language is only used for web pages development. But you will be surprised after knowing the following use of PHP language-

1. Send notification to your client.

PHP is not only a programming language. It also helps you reduce dependence on third-party email services. For example, PHP lets you create an email list of clients. PHP also helps you send notifications to customers.

2. Cyber security

The number of cyber-attacks is increasing. 64% of companies have faced cyber attacks. That’s why the need for cyber security is increasing. Every company has to make its website safe from hackers.

You can integrate cyber security with your website with the help of PHP. PHP can hold the username and password of your client on a database with full encryption. This feature of PHP helps you to secure the data of your clients.

You can also add two or more step verification for the login of your client username and password. After login, your website will ask for the code sent to the client’s phone number or email address. Most websites and banks use two-step verification to secure website and user data from hackers.

3. CMS system

The needs of every company from their website is different, and these needs differ from time to time. For example, everyone needs to update data and content on their websites, and some of you want to change the website’s content.

The CMS system is one of the essential needs of every website owner. CMS System helps you manage and update data or content over the website. You can edit or manage the website’s content with some simple steps.

PHP helps you to create and secure a user-friendly CMS system. Some experts have suggested creating CMS with scratch for your website. So if you want to create a secure and user-friendly CMS, PHP is best for you.

4. E-Commerce development

It takes a lot of time to create an E-commerce website, and it needs extra effort to create E-commerce websites. However, PHP makes development easy. Therefore, you can avail many benefits by creating an E-Commerce website with PHP.

Instead of writing a complete code from scratch, you can use the PHP framework to develop an E-commerce website. Laravel, Symphony, CakePHP, and more are the most used framework to create an E-commerce website. In addition, you can readily access source code from the libraries of these frameworks.

PHP frameworks reduce time and reduce the effort to create an E-commerce website. As a result, many E-commerce companies use these frameworks to develop an E-commerce website and application.

5. Create images and social media filters

Many are unaware of this feature of PHP. You can also create images with the help of PHP. In addition, you can also create filters for social media platforms like Instagram, apart from photos.

A toolset of GD libraries function in PHP library lets you create graphics in a few lines of code. You can also create filters for Instagram with the PHP extension name Imagick.


Php development is an open-source scripted language used in the web development process. You can avail several benefits of using PHP.

The list of things mentioned above in this article is a quick view. You can also use this language to perform more tasks like AMP integration, cookie handling, and more.

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