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Introducing Pocket Buddy: Now shop with your best-saving card, every time!

by Noyal Sharook
Pocket Buddy PH launch

Pocket Buddy chrome extension automatically finds the best offers, discounts, and cashbacks on your credit card, debit card, and other payment methods during checkout.

Armia Systems is excited to announce the launch of our latest product- Pocket Buddy, on ProductHunt.com– the biggest destination for the best new products in tech. Pocket Buddy is a money-saving chrome extension that automatically picks the best payment method for your online shopping checkout.

Why Pocket Buddy?

Shopping extension

Nowadays, people use multiple payment options, including debit cards, credit cards, and even app-based ones like Apple Pay. Different financial institutions have specific and unique incentives depending on the shopping website, making it harder for users to find the best option to choose while checking out. Pocket Buddy makes the whole process simple by automatically going through the your available payment options and selecting the best one that gives maximum savings. It even lists out all the other offers and discounts that you might be interested.

“Our vision has always been to give customers the right tools to utilize their time and money efficiently,” said Aji Abraham, CEO and Founder of Armia Systems Inc. “Our company has vast experience in the eCommerce development industry, and we understand the struggle of the consumer and retailers. Pocket Buddy is designed to be a satisfying and meaningful part of the daily lives of our consumers and provide a superior and seamless shopping experience. At the same time, retailers and financial institutions can now effortlessly reach desired audiences with the right incentives. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

Pocket Buddy will work perfectly on 350+ online shopping websites, including Amazon, Flipkart, Apple, Walmart and Target. All you have to do is select the cards and other payment methods they use during the simple set-up process. The extension has an extensive and constantly updating database of offers, cashbacks, and discounts from all major payment options, including those of JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Standard Chartered and HDFC.

It’s free forever, no signup required!

Pocket Buddy is currently free to use for everyone in the Google Chrome ecosystem. The platform is tailored to provide an enhanced user experience from installation all through to final checkout. It doesn’t ask for any signup or verification, and you don’t have to provide their payment credentials. All that is needed for setting up the extension is to choose applicable payment options from a list within the extension. The whole process is fast and straightforward.

“Adoption of online shopping has increased manifold since the beginning of this decade. We want to make their experience personalized, affordable and rewarding without the hassle of paying a fee for it or even signing up. Pocket Buddy is built for the modern shopper, who has a lot of options but has very little time to explore them.” added Mr. Aji Abraham.

One thing that Pocket Buddy does very well is leveraging the power of AI. It starts by collecting the best coupons and offers available on cards in real-time from various financial institutions and matching them to the thousands of shopping websites across the web. This ensures that you are always updated on the latest coupons and offers on their cards, even seasonal and private ones, which shoppers often miss.

Once you complete your shopping and reach the checkout page, Pocket Buddy automatically goes through its database and finds the best credit card or payment method that lets will give you maximum savings. All you have to do is continue the checkout process with the recommended option.

Pocket Buddy is now publicly available in the Chrome Web Store, starting August 2022. Consumers can download the browser extension for free starting today.

To learn more about Pocket Buddy, visit ProductHunt.com, Chrome page or https://www.pocketbuddy.com

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