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iPhone Application Development on a Budget: Our Best Money-Saving Tips

by sejin
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As per the estimate, there are more than 1 billion active users of iPhones globally. More than 5% of growth was seen last year in the active user of iPhones. The total number of active users has increased by more than  22% since 2017.

Even in 2018, the Apple app store had more than 88% revenue compared to the google play store. 

The ios app development is pretty easy compared to Android app development as coding in swift needs less time than coding in java, and swift has high readability.

The cost of iPhone app development and Android apps development is expensive. But android app development is costlier than IOS app development.

 If you are worried about the development cost of the iPhone app, then don’t worry; you will get some valuable tips that will reduce iOS app development costs.

Tips to make the iPhone app development budget-friendly 

With the increase in iPhone users, iPhone app developers’ need is also increasing. IOS phones are useless without apps; even android phones are also meaningless without these. There are the following tips that can reduce ios app development –

  1. Know what you need

Developing an app without research is wrong. You have to do proper research about your target audience, the needs of the target audience, and the expectations of your target audience from your app. Suppose you didn’t do research. Then there is a chance to increase the iOS app development cost.

Some features are useless for your business and your app. You have to ask your developer to cut down on these features to save your budget. There is no point in investing in useless features of the app as it will only increase the development cost. So make sure to research your needs from your app.

  1.  Existing platform

You might be unaware that many existing platforms are available in the iPhone app development market. Unfortunately, if you build your platform, you have to invest more time and money in iOS app development.

 At the same time, existing platforms also have libraries with some pre-written codes and tools. You can use these tools and code in your iPhone app developments. This platform will save the cost and time to develop an iOS app.

  1. Hiring a team

You might think that hiring a team for iOS app development can be more expensive than hiring an individual developer. But unfortunately, it is a wrong perception about the iPhone app development in the market.

The reality is if you hire an individual developer, then the development of iOS app development will take more time than an expert team. As a result, the development of an app can decrease an individual developer’s quality of an app. Individual developers can also be more expensive than a professional team.

At the same time, the app development team can handle the work more efficiently and effectively. The app development team can complete the work of iOS app development faster than an individual developer. The cost of several iPhone app development companies is pretty lesser than individual developers.

  1.  MVP

Changing the core code after completing full app development can be costlier than conducting the test of code quality assurance or testing every feature.

MVP, also known as minimal viable products, will help you conduct a test before creating a final product. An MVP is a product that can serve a user by giving them a central idea of the app.

An MVP approach helps to measure the result of the feature, and  It also gives you an idea about how this feature can be improved.

MVP also helps you to build a sales funnel and test it. MVP also gives the idea of customer or users’ needs. You can remove any feature at any time when you learn that your user does not need it.

  1.  Simple is best

Most of you like simplicity in your life. So why should you invest in the complex design of the app? A complicated design can be a trend of the market, but most users prefer simple applications for themselves.

You have to keep in mind the real purpose of creating an iOS app. You have to avoid bulky and complex designs while developing an iPhone app, as it can affect its overall performance.

The iOS app with complex design and features can be challenging to engage the users as these apps can be hard to use. So make sure to develop the app with a simple design and feature to get more engagement for your app. The development cost of simple iPhone apps is also less than complex apps.

  1.  Blueprint

The common mistake of many people is that they did not create a blueprint of the app. Instead, they depend on the ios mobile app development team. This mistake will destroy your budget to build a good iOS app.

If you expect the best work from the app development team, you have to make a scratch of your app layouts to show them to your developer team. If you did not make an app blueprint, your developer team could not get your exact idea.

The developer team will add irrelevant content to the app without getting the exact blueprint. Then you have to pay to remove these irrelevant contents from the app. This process will destroy your overall budget. So you have to make a blueprint of the app to save money from your budget.


You can avail yourself of uncountable benefits by launching an app on iPhone as there are more than 1 billion active users of iPhone. Moreover, the number of active users is rapidly increasing in the world.

Either you are an app developer or a business owner who has to wish to hire a developer to build an iPhone app. You might be tense due to the high cost of ios app development. But following simple tips that are written above can be helpful to reduce the cost of iPhone app development.

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