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Last-mile Delivery Optimization Solution for Enterprises

by Ashley Zimmerman

Last-Mile Delivery Challenges And Solutions

The internet makes it easier than ever for people in hard-to-reach areas to have access to goods. Things that they need but can’t get in their hometowns are now only a click away.

This is good for consumers who have exciting access to goods that they couldn’t otherwise have access to in their local area. This is also good for the companies that offer those goods because they get access to markets that are far from their main physical presence.

Accessing these markets can be logistically difficult, but it can also be made to pay off by expanding a business’s reach.

In order to compete with the convenience offered by internet retailers, many brick-and-mortar stores are offering same-day or next-day shipping. This allows consumers to take advantage of competition between online and conventional retailers by getting good services for a good price.

Both online companies and conventional businesses, however, run into one problem with these deliveries. That problem is “last-mile-delivery.” “Last-mile delivery” is a term that refers to the distance between a consumer and the nearest delivery hub.

Getting goods from the nearest delivery hub to the farthest consumer is important to online and conventional retailers but it can be expensive and inefficient.

This problem is increasingly being solved by local last-mile-delivery companies around the world. These companies fill a major gap in today’s retail and the delivery world by employing local drivers who know the area.

These drivers pick up packages from delivery hubs and deliver them to hard-to-reach consumers. Last-mile delivery companies solve many problems in the system but they often face problems of their own. Because they are smaller companies, they often have very limited resources.

That can make it difficult for them to keep track of their drivers and the locations of their deliveries on the road. It can also be difficult for these companies to communicate effectively with the companies that they are delivering products for.

Similarly, there is often little or no communication between these last-mile delivery companies and the consumers that they are delivering to. This can lead to uncertainty and stress for the consumer.

Locologic App for Drivers

Software development company Armia Systems has been working with different retailers and transportation companies to address many of these problems. A cloud-based delivery optimization solution https://www.locologic.comLocologic is developed as a result.

What Is Locologic And What Does It Do?

Locologic is a last mile delivery optimization solution for retailers, e-commerce companies, restaurants, and 3PL companies. More specifically, Locologic is an that allows efficient driver assignment, real-time delivery tracking, and communication to consumers. It also has a suite of other features that allow the app to act as its own platform for those who work with last-mile delivery.

In addition to adding and tracking deliveries, users of the app can also manage drivers as well as inventory still in the warehouse. It can also be used to develop in-depth reports that users can use to fine-tune the services that they offer or better determine their needs.

This solution is offered as SaaS platform. So no software to install. We are a group of developers and offer any integration with your existing systems for free or reduced rates.

The platform can support different “models” that meet different needs along the supply chain.

The Supplier Model

This model is geared toward retailers, restaurants, and ecommerce companies that use their own drivers. Delivery orders can be added to the platform through a number of channels automatically or manually. In such cases, their drivers would be allotted based on rules set by the admin and the availability. The mobile apps for drivers can be white-labeled if required.

The 3PL Model

This model works for 3PL companies who work with different suppliers. Here different supplier deliveries will be optimized to have maximum efficiency for your drivers. Orders can be entered to the platform using different automated and manual methods.

The Crowdsourced Model

A number of startups are launched to facilitate last-mile deliveries like Postmates, Deliveroo, Doordash, UberEats etc.. many clone models in different niche and geographies are also started.

You can create your branded apps for drivers and the backend platform. You might be able to create the MVP for your startup in days with Locologic platform.

The mobile app allows drivers to manage their own deliveries and to update statuses on their route. The platform can set up to use crowdsourcing technology to find drivers in the area who know the area. Using local drivers means that you don’t need to worry about drivers looking for the best route or getting lost in rural areas

Other startups which use pickup from consumers like dry cleaning, laundry, DoorMan etc.. also can use the same platform to optimize the driver pickups without creating custom mobile apps. You can always create custom apps once you prove your business model.

The mobile app is available on both Apple and Android devices. And mobile apps can be private-labeled with your brand if required.

The Delivery Solution

Coordinating last-mile delivery is one of the trickiest logistical issues that most business owners need to deal with. That goes for both online business owners and brick-and-mortar business owners. However, it is also one of the most important aspects of any business that delivers.

The best solution isn’t to save time and money by skipping out on last-mile delivery. That will lose your business. The best solution also isn’t to spend top-dollar on a last-mile delivery service business to be sure that you have a good supplier. The solution is to use smart tools like Locologic.

Tools like these allow users to make the best out of the systems that they already have in place and to use the experience of others to fill in the gaps in their own knowledge. These tools save time and money over other options.

They also put more power and security into the hands of consumers. Consumers are the backbone of any business and being able to share an app with them is huge. Letting them know exactly where their package lets them know that they are valued and that their valued orders are safe.

For more information or to signup for a free trial, visit LocoLogic.com

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