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Armia Developers Release Social Commerce Application

by Ashley Zimmerman

Social commerce is the integration of eCommerce with social media platforms. 30% of online shoppers revealed that they are satisfied to buy through social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  

Ravox is a new Facebook and Mobile commerce platform for small businesses.  It allows small businesses to create fully functional eCommerce storefronts on their facebook pages and sell through multiple channels.

This innovative application was created using the PHP MVC framework with the MySQL database. It uses AWS for some parts and uses a dedicated Linux server for other parts. At the heart of the platform is a 2-way Facebook app.  One part of the application is a Facebook fan page app while the second component is a normal user Facebook app.

The platform uses social sharing and open graph to gain maximum exposure for various products and merchants.  Activities shared using an open graph increases the viral discovery of user activities to friends of friends.

Benefits of Social Commerce

  • Consistent growth of audience
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Authentic Engagement
  • Get more customers
  • Build trust and loyalty
  • Make more sales
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Get shared and reach a global audience

How does Ravox works?

Ravox gives merchants a way to reach an increased market by exposing friends of social affiliates to products.  rather than just acquiring a Facebook page and hoping for the best while running ads and small promotions, Ravox Social Affiliates actively promote products they find interesting.  Since friends tend to have similar interests or qualities, social affiliates that share products they like will most likely be reaching a portion of the appropriate target audience.

Next on the list for Ravox is adding in a special area for analytics so that merchants can actually see who is interested in their products. This valuable information would help merchants narrow down specific individuals as potential customers.

Ravox enables mobile commerce for merchants as well. They can download their own branded eCommerce with just their products. This is in addition to the marketplace app with all merchants and products are featured.

How to use Ravox?

After signing up for Ravox, businesses just have to sign in to their Facebook account to quickly set up a Facebook store.  This account should be associated with an existing fan page.  If one is not available, users have the opportunity to create one during the Facebook store set up along with a mobile app storefront.  After store specifics are clarified, merchants can then add products to their store.  This can be accomplished via CSV upload or manually. Custom product options are also available (color, size, etc).

The next step is optional but necessary to experience the full benefit of Ravox.  After adding products to the Ravox marketplace, social affiliates have the ability to “discover” them.  If a social affiliate finds the product interesting, they can choose to promote it via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email to friends. If sales are traced back to their activity, they receive a commission.

This platform is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to experience true social commerce as it was meant to perform.  Equipped with the right tools and strategy, Ravox gives businesses the best option to actively promote products through social networking and finally see a return on investment.

If you are a merchant with products, check out Ravox. We can also create white label versions of this platform for agencies or enterprise clients. Contact us about the social commerce marketplace platform or any other eCommerce application.

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