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Most Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks

by Mariya Parackal
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Business strategies are becoming more complex and advanced and enterprises are now shifting towards mobile applications. However, the developers need to build an apt platform using the right set of development tools to reach out to consumers. Over the past few years, the number of programming languages increased for both Android and iOS. 

The fate of a business is completely dependent on choosing the right technology for mobile app development. 

Certainly, mobile apps are playing an important role in our day-to-day lives. If you want to book a ride, shop online, connect virtually, there are numerous advanced technological mobile apps available at your fingertips. 

Have you ever wondered about the things used in making a mobile application that make your life easier? It is also a clear fact that location-based service apps are driving the generation of today. 

Today, numerous mobile app development frameworks are available to give you the best user experience. And these app development frameworks help developers to build mobile apps within a specific time and budget. 

Types of mobile development frameworks:

  1. Native Mobile Development Frameworks
  2. Cross-Platform Development Frameworks

As there are many options available, it is not easy to choose the best framework for app development. It requires more thinking!

While you search for which is the best mobile app development framework? the answer is there is no best. It depends on the requirements of your project.

To help you make a decision, Let’s understand some of the top frameworks for mobile app development. 

10 Most Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks

Listed below are the popular mobile development frameworks that you should look forward to in 2023

1. React Native

Facebook launched React Native and is now one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks available today. Mobile app developers highly prefer it as it offers immense support to the IDEs, along with other mobile app development tools.

It offers an optimal Javascript framework for creating native apps for Android and iOS platforms.

React Native is used for the development of Android and iOS platforms. High-performance mobile apps can be easily built using this framework with less time. As its a cross-platform mobile app development framework, it uses the same code base for iOS and Android applications. To get more idea on React Native, have a look at Real Native vs React Native.


  • Code Re-usability & Cost-Effective
  • Compatible third-party plugins
  • Declarative API for predictive UI
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Ease of Maintenance

2. Flutter

Google launched Flutter. It is available as an open-source SDK written in Dart language. Flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that uses one code base for Android and iOS applications. It is suitable for developing hybrid apps and makes use of a 2D rendering engine referred to as Skia, which is used to create visuals. Newly launched Flutter is the best hybrid mobile app development frameworks


  • Built-in material design
  • Flexible User interface 
  • Fast Development
  • Support both iOS & Android
  • Strong widget support
  • High-performance application

3. Ionic

It is free of cost and is another highly preferred framework for developing apps. It is a client-side framework and helps in building native-based apps with HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. It supports the latest mobile devices and offers a robust ground for mobile apps. You can also build hybrid apps as they provide HTML 5. It works well with SDK kits such as Angular and is ideal for working with PhoneGap and Cordova. 


  • Intuitive UI components
  • Faster application development
  • Powerful & stable development platform
  • Platform Independent
  • Complete control over app building

4. Xamarin

Microsoft introduced Xamarin. To make the best use of Xamarin, it is essential that you carry out C# codebase and develops apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. It is possible to share code with Windows and Mac OS platforms with this tool, which in return saves a lot of the developer’s time.


  • Versatile backend infrastructure
  • Easy API integration
  • Cost-Effective and Faster development process
  • Targets every platform
  • Storyboard files

Xamarin VS React Native VS IONIC – A COMPARISON

5. Adobe PhoneGap

It allows developers to build apps in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. If you want to build a hybrid app, then this should be your go-to option any day. It has a cross-platform app development framework. It offers developers the freedom with work without hardware restrictions. You can build apps for both Android and iOS platforms with this tool. 


  • Robust Support
  • Flexibility
  • Compatible on all the platforms
  • Code reusability
  • Strong Backend

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6. Corona SDK

It is one of the quickest frameworks when compared to its competitors. One of the best things about it is that it is supported by Lua, which is a light-weight programming language and offers speed, flexibility, and ease of usage to develop apps. If you want to code at a fast speed without compromising on the quality of the app, then you should try this out. It is supported on both Windows and Mac OS. 


  • Lua-based platform
  • Pre-dominant APIs
  • Multiple plugins available
  • Strong API support
  • Faster development process

7. JQuery Mobile

This is an HTML5 based mobile development framework and can be run across all devices with just a single code version. It is easier to build both mobile apps and websites with this particular app and is supported by operating systems such as Mac OS, Kindle, Firefox, Blackberry, and more. 

It is easy to download the jQuery version with two variants, which include customized framework or the latest stable version. Its popularity and demand are growing day by day as it offers faster app development in combination with plugins.


  • Lightweight size
  • Various Add-on plugins
  • Automatic initialization
  • Responsive framework
  • Simple API

8. Intel XDK

It helps in creating meaningful apps in combination with the plugin and offers a cross-platform app development framework. With this, it is easy to develop responsive and interactive apps for all devices. 

It is also easy to test, debug, and emulate apart from developing the app. It also supports technologies such as IoT and popular frameworks such as Node.js. It is easy to preview your project live in case you are making changes in the code and can even drag and drop the apps.


  • Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Compatible on all the platforms
  • Flexible User interface 
  • Support multiple UI frameworks
  • Supports Cordova plugin
  • App debug and profiling options

9. Native Scripts

Native Scripts is an open-source framework to create native mobile applications. It is one of the top frameworks for developing hybrid apps. It uses Native scripts and utilizes similar APIs, which are similar to using Android Studio and Xcode. You will get enough help with the help of tutorials from the website. The framework helps to create Android and iOS apps with a single codebase. 


  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Direct access to Android & iOS APIs
  • Native Performance
  • Code Re-usability
  • Strong Backend Support

10. Mobile Angular UI

It uses the combination of Angular and Bootstrap frameworks and eases the process of mobile development. With this, you can build apps with the help of HTML5 with this tool. Moreover, developers can also use overthrow.js and fastclick.js to offer a seamless experience to visitors. Not only this, but it is also a free mobile development framework. 


  • Responsive Framework
  • Interactive Components
  • No jQuery dependencies
  • Build fully responsive interfaces with a super-small CSS file

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Choosing the right mobile development framework is extremely important to build a robust website. Moreover, as the requirement for every framework is different, you should make a sound choice among the tools so that you can build and develop the mobile app effectively, which is easy to use. 

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