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12 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer

by Mariya Parackal

The ultimate challenge of the startups and enterprises is to find the right app development company or a developer to build their app idea.

You have to research more before you commit to an app developer or company. To get the best app developer, you can ask some questions about their portfolio, experience, skills, vision, and more. 

Here are some questions you must ask your developers before you hire them to get an idea of their expertise: 

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1. Where can I find your previously developed mobile apps? 

It is a reasonable question to ask the developer to get an idea about his potential for delivering your app. Mobile app developers should show their previous works to the client. You must have to test and use the app developed by that developer, it will help you to analyze what he did and does it fit for what you’re looking for.

Ask them what their role in developing that app was. The developer should explicitly demonstrate their work with confidence, and it will define the passion for their work. If they are weak to explain what they have done, then perhaps they are not the right one fit for your project. 

2. May I have a list of some of your clients?

To ensure the developers have designed apps, ask them about their clients. You can directly talk to the clients to verify the claimed apps by the developer is right or not. And also, you can enquire does the project delivered on time, within the budget and met deadlines, does he can perform well under pressure and the obstacles faced by both parties.

Find mutual connections and ask about the experience and abilities of the developer. This question is the opportunity to understand the enthusiasm of developers towards their work. 

3. Have you built any similar app in the same industry as mine? 

It is necessary to know whether the developer is dealing for the first time in your type of app or does he have created a similar one before. If the developer doesn’t have previous experience in the same field of your required app, then don’t take a risk.

Always choose a developer with much experience and expertise in a similar field. Otherwise, explain well about your project requirements and features you want in your app. 

 4. Can you recommend a platform which is right for my app?

For a better user experience, you have to choose the right platform for your app. The iOS and Android platforms offer different features with target audiences. Ask your developer to suggest a platform according to your audiences and business requirements. If your target audiences are present in both Android and iOS devices, you can build the app on both platforms. 

5. How will you approach the UI/UX of my Mobile App? 

UI/UX of an app is an important part to be taken care of. If your app needs to stand out from the crowd, then your app design should be an exceptional one among the millions of apps. The approach of developers in UI/UX design is different from each other. So it is essential to discuss in advance, and that enhances user experience and boosts the app users. 

6. What is the estimated cost to complete my app?

A custom-built mobile app requires enormous investment. When you compromise the quality of the app, it may ruin your app idea. So give your developer a clear picture of your wanted app features and know the estimated cost. To avoid more conflicts in the mode of payment, you need a proper discussion in advance.

7. How much time did you require to complete the mobile app? 

The completion of the project will depend mainly on the app features and the development team. Each development and design task has a deadline for tracking its progress. You have to discuss the estimated time needed for each task from the starting of development to its launch. And make sure the developer will complete within your deadline.

Today, technology is changing rapidly. If your app doesn’t launch on time, there is a bunch of chances for the rise of new technologies. 

8. How will you update me about the progress? 

During the app development, communication between you and your developer is a must need factor. A communication channel is used to share the progress of the app and to update feedback. Developers have to update the changes made in-app, feedback, and task completion updates to improve the development phase.

Proper communication will ensure the app design has met your expectations. You can schedule meetings with the development team in case of any modifications to make in the app. 

9. What are the testing procedures and time needed for quality assurance?

The testing process is to make sure all the implemented features are working properly. So, once the app is developed, it is necessary to test it. Ensure that the development team is paying enough attention to test the app. You can ask the developer about the testing procedures and time needed for quality assurance. Test your app thoroughly before introducing it to the audience.

10. What are the services provided in a maintenance program? 

Once the app is launched, it requires regular maintenance like bug fixing, upgrading to the latest versions, improving UI/UX to ensure the app runs smoothly, and thus it keeps the users engaged. You can ask the developer about the services included in the maintenance program and the overall costs of maintenance.  

11. How can my app make money? 

Discuss how monetization impacts the user experience and how to implement it in the app design. To earn from the app, you can charge for downloading or for some special features. Let the users use the app for free for some months and add a subscription fee to use more. These monetization methods must be discussed with the developer to generate the maximum app revenue. 

12. Who will own the Mobile App?

The most important thing you forget to discuss with your developer is about the ownership of the app. Once the development is completed, the app developer has to give you the complete rights of the app. To avoid troubles in the future, you can prepare a written document that states the code, features, design, and contents belong to you and sign it by both parties.  


So from this article, you got the idea of what questions to ask your developer before hiring them.

A wrong mobile app developer can ruin your complete app. Try to choose a better one with new techniques, experience, and expertise, communication skills, understand the target audience. 

Are you confused about finding the right stack for your start-up

Your mobile app developer needs a transparent work process, and he must develop a similar app of your choice before. 

Finding the right mobile developer may take so much time, and it is challenging to get the right one, which fits your app idea. The above questions can help you get an efficient developer. 

Do you have any idea to built? Please share your idea with us. We have a dedicated development team for you to develop web and mobile applications.  

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