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Frontend, Backend, and UI Development: What’s the difference?

by Mariya Parackal
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You open a new browser tab, type in your desired URL and hit the enter button. Within a few milliseconds, the website loads.. The immaculate layout, robust pages and the impressive visuals displayed will be breathtaking. The people involved behind this are the frontend, backend, and UI developers.

A website is formed of different layers of data, design, architecture, functionality, and content. The frontend and backend development are two different sides of the same coin and certainly hold their own uniqueness. Both frontend and backend development play a vital role in the development of the lucrative website while the line between the two is often blurry.

Any websites functionality counts on effective communication and operation of both frontend and backend as a single unit. Frontend developers are gangplank between the UI and backend developer, which means they are innovative and tech-savvy.

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A Guide to Frontend Development

Frontend development is also known as the “˜client side’ development, which refers to the segment of the web that the user views and interacts with the browser. The front-end developers are focused towards analyzing the code, design and troubleshooting the bugs so that they establish a flawless user experience. Everything a user experiences while browsing the internet from fonts, drop downs, colors, and images to any of the navigation menus, are tasks performed by a Frontend developer. The hindmost design along with the look and feel of the website is the magic of the frontend developer.

Imagining how a UI developer’s final ultimate design converts into a present-day, breathing site – That’s when the frontend code is in action.

Further, the code bifurcates design into various peripherals and then handovers the content and the functionality made by the backend developers creating a web-based application which is user-friendly with efficient user experience. The technology applied ensures speed, productivity, and sleek functionality.

Skill Set Front-End Developers Have


Prominent Client-side Frontend Development Languages

The framework will uplift the development with the help of libraries which will include shareable code and software Add-Ons. How crucial would Angular JS, Node.js and jQuery be for Frontend Developers?


For a successful business it’s essential to have a functional, elegant and alluring website to appeal to customers and maintain their interest. The wrong type of development will not only make the website unattractive but also impact the business, hence front-end development plays an important role for business and branding. At Armia, we have many experienced and trustworthy professionals to ensure the best and powerful website development strategy possible.

A Guide to Backend Development

Known as the “˜server side’ development, backend development refers to the effective functioning of a website, updates, and amendments on to the same. Backend development appertains to something that the end user cannot see on the display screen. The three primary categories for this type of web development includes:

A backend developer writes a code to communicate with their frontend associates in order to ensure a smooth data transformation which is further displayed on a web page.  The primary role of the backend developer is to make certain that the content displayed on the client side works efficiently. Furthermore, a backend developer ensures to store and organize data on the database and servers regularly.

Whenever a user interacts on the frontend (client) side, the browser initiates a request to the server, which further communicates as a frontend code that the gateway can interpret and exhibit to the end user. The main areas of focus for the backend developer is a dynamic website which ensures security, architecture, and content management.

Skills Set Backend Developers Hold

Top Backend Languages

PHP framework will speed up the development process and with the help of various tools and libraries facilitate:

  • Form validation
  • Database abstraction
  • Input/output filtering
  • Session and cookie management

For your customer to have a seamless experience on your website/app it is essential to have an effective and efficient backend development. An attractive frontend webpage for a user is facilitated with efficient work at the backend. We have highly professional backend developers who will ensure proficiency to make your website/app to manage all the data.


A Guide to UI Development

The UI Development puts emphasis on rich-client user-interface and creative concepting. The focus is on exhibiting more granular assets like buttons and tooltips, which will result in better-finished end-product. The focal point will be on the appearance, feel and performance of any application or website. UI developers may not even view the website as a whole but focus on a set of assets applied to any page individually.

Skills Set UI Developers Hold

Languages used by UI developers:

UI framework will enhance the user experience making responsive websites which are user-friendly and helpful in the designing process. They will also ensure ease of browser interaction.

Bootstrap is an open source popular front-end library for designing websites and web applications which is used to build responsive and user-friendly applications. Bootstrap incorporate HTML and CSS templates for forms, buttons, navigation, etc.

Ajax promotes faster communication with the server and provides classical, cross-browser functionalities which in turn give rich web applications, in turn, expedites dynamic web pages for any website.

Constituting a System and not Pages

To give a rundown, there’s a job task falling in between the design and development teams. If you want to establish a profitable website/app then we need to get all three developers on the same page, as frontend, backend and UI developers play a vital role in the development process. All three together can make wonders with their skillsets to mutate a design prototype into a functionally responsive website.

Many Start-ups and Non-Technical businesses are indifferent to the difference among frontend, backend and UI technologies for the benefit of their business as they are not clear on the roles of each developer. The right choice of the organization which provides efficient developers can make a big difference to the solution. So, if you are looking for web development to streamline your website/app, web services, and web resources, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our robust team of expert frontend, backend and UI developers. Contact us today for a free technical consultation.

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