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Top 13 Android App Development Trends For 2020

Posted by: Mariya Parackal | On: 18th May, 2020 | Mobile Development

New technologies are appearing day in day out, and the process is not going to stop any time sooner. Android was introduced several years ago and started a revolution in mobile operating systems. Since that time, many things have changed in mobile app development. 

If you are a developer or entrepreneur, this article may help you to find the latest Android app development trends. And help you understand what new features you need in your Android app to make it stand out from the crowd other than implementing a mobile app development strategy. 

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Listed below are the key trends in Android app development and build a modern mobile application with our dedicated development team. Here are the mobile app development trends that you should know about:

  1. Rise of Android Instant Apps
Android app development

What are Instant Apps? Instant apps allow Android users to use apps without downloading them. It opens like a web page and can operate from the cloud. Android Instant Apps were first introduced by ‘Google I/O’.  Check Google Play Instant.

Why do users like Instant Apps? Imagine that you need to use an app that you don’t have installed on your Android device. But you have a poor connection so installing may take a long time. In Instant Apps, you don’t require to install the app on your device. Instant Apps allows users to access in three ways: 

  • Click “Try Now” on the app with Instant functionality.
  • Click on a link and reach directly to that app module.
  • Or by Searching on the web

When a user clicks on a link, banner, or anything with instant functionalities – that user will go directly to a specific page or app’s specific function. 

Consider Android Instant Apps from the developer’s side:

Android Instant Apps require the same source code and APIs, which means you need to create only one app, and you will get users from downloads or web searches. 

2. Android Apps Architecture

android app development

Google’s architecture guidelines help in building high-performance and robust applications. Moreover, they serve as a useful starting point building apps with a focus on the code that helps in making the app unique. The architecture helps in creating apps that are more stable and eliminates the confusion between MVC, MVP, and MVVM. 

3. Cloud support

Android app development trends

Cloud support is an excellent feature for those who tend to charge several devices and change them often. It helps you access apps on several devices without losing any data. Moreover, you would not need to download all the files again if you have cloud support. 

4. Improvement of Android app security

As we tend to store a large amount of personal data on our smartphones and other devices, we need to make sure to secure the exchange of personal information over wi-fi networks. With the growth of the mobile industry, there has been an increase in threats and attacks over the Internet. Moreover, app developers are expecting to implement stronger encryption of data and constant security updates to preserve privacy in mobile apps.  

5. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

android app development trends

AI and ML are used by smartphones every single day. For instance, you might be aware of Google’s assistant, which helps with the routine tasks efficiently. Moreover, there are several AI-based photo editing apps, which include FaceApp, Prisma, which make use of this technology.

AI-based features such as chatbots, smart predictions, and voice translators are going to gain popularity this year. Moreover, the combination of AI and ML will bring a lot of changes in the future Android development tools. With these technologies, it would be easier to analyze user behavior and make quick interactions with the app to make precise suggestions.

6. Rise of Chatbots

Chatbot has made it easy for the people to respond 24/7. 58% of the B2B businesses are now using chatbots, and it is one of the critical features in Android development. There are a lot of ways in which you can utilize the chatbots as an alternative to customer support as it helps in answering the customers faster. 

7. Wearable App Integration

android app development

Wearable technology is becoming a part of our everyday lives and is going to revolutionize how we use digital products for handling our day to day tasks. 

8. IoT-Enabled Mobile App

IoT has brought a lot of opportunities for users and developers over a couple of years, and it is one of the latest trends in Android development. These days you will find almost every device connected with the Internet, and IoT is one such technology that is going to be a developing trend.

According to recent stats, IoT is useful in a variety of industries such as logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, and so on. In addition to that, you can also use IoT for e-learning projects such as Edmodo, C-Pen, Nymi. Tutors can even share learning materials online and communicate with parents to update their children’s progress.

9. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

android app development

AR and VR are changing the way high-quality gaming applications are using. They have taken technology to the next level and have created a seamless experience for the users. 

10. Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are going to rage this year as more and more people are now shifting towards using mobile wallets such as Google Wallet that will help in driving purchases over this year. 

11. More Demand for On-Demand Apps

android app development trends

On-demand applications help in analyzing a user’s location and offer them the required services. Moreover, you will be able to appropriate suggestions on nearby places and can easily navigate as well. 

12. Beacons and Location-based devices

There are plenty of developers who use location-based services to enhance user experience and incorporate real-time information. Moreover, with the success of games such as Pokemon Go, the location-based services have gotten a boost and implemented in a variety of ways such as retail, navigation, payment portals, and more. 

13.Rising Trend of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is becoming immensely popular in different industries and is going to evolve shortly as well. It is essential in providing security, public and private blockchain architecture as well as consortium architecture. The app development is achieving great heights and will lead to higher profits. 


Android is becoming more fast-paced and is offering a more unified experience to the users to deliver exclusive customer experiences. The trends in Android app development are surely going to spark a new hope in the business strategies and ensure tremendous growth. 

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I hope that this article helps you to make the best choices for your Android app development project in 2020. 

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