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What are the Top JavaScript Frameworks today?

by Mariya Parackal
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Even if you ask a beginner of programming about what a JavaScript framework is, he can quickly tell about it. The JavaScript Framework lays a foundation and enables a developer to develop the JavaScript code using the framework.

A framework includes libraries, API, and various functionalities. The most important question is how a developer shall choose the best one?

The statistics say that when it comes to choosing the right JavaScript framework, React tops the list as it is the most common choice of many. Although it is a framework mostly chosen, that does not indicate that it will also suffice your requirements. 

About Javascript: Most of the web browsers use JavaScript, which is a flexible and robust language used for programming. Besides CSS and HTML, one of the core elements of web technology is JavaScript.

Web developers use HTML for structuring the page, and CSS is used for maintaining the style of it. JavaScript enhances the interactivity of the web pages in the browser. It was developed in less than ten days with a different purpose altogether. 

This article guides us on the different aspects of JavaScript, thus providing us with an overview of it. 

Why JavaScript Frameworks are significant? 

When people interact on-site, the JS framework provides them with feedback at a rapid pace. Typically, the server generates the content of the website, and at the time of retrieving new content, the browser requires reloading of the page.

The web developers were following this format for many years, thus facilitating the transfer of data to the server. This is the feature of a standard JavaScript; however, with the modernization of JavaScript framework, the use of new techniques has made the framework more efficient with effective maintainability of code. 

Let us have a look at the importance of JavaScript Framework. 

Importance of JavaScript Framework

  • The website displays the data with the markup of the site; it is easily readable and has clean formatting.
  • The norm is to represent the content of the site with component-based design. With this, the web developers can reuse the content, and the content can be structured and appropriately designed.
  • The data management of the application is reliable and is managed effectively without scattering the data.
  • The developers make the best use of the Build tools module in the JavaScript Framework. The new features of JavaScript are used effectively by the developers without being fearful about the incompatibility of the legacy browser. 

How does JavaScript Framework save time for development?

First, let’s find out the need for a JavaScript framework. Coding can be easily done without the use of JavaScript, so why should JavaScript be used? 

As JavaScript is a flexible option, which is used for programming, they make coding easier and can be completed within a little time. As the availability is free, therefore, they can be used them, and there is no hindrance in using them. Also, coding can be done faster, and there is ample time for development. 

As you can understand, when coding is done easily, it ensures the improvement of efficiency. JavaScript is a shortcut using which developers save a lot of time as they find themselves free from doing manual coding.

The main important aspect of JavaScript Framework is the pre-written patterns make the work of the developer easy. With JavaScript in place, there is no need to spend time on time-consuming work, thus allowing you to focus on other aspects like the development of unique features. 

One important thing that must mention here is JavaScript is popular for its vast customer base. As the users are numerous, they are always ready to report bugs or test new developments, thus helping the developers in identifying the issues faster and resolving them even quicker. 

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What are the Top JavaScript Frameworks today? 

JavaScript frameworks are classified into front-end and back-end solutions. Popular front-end JavaScript frameworks are Angular JS, React JS, JQuery, Vue JS and back-end JavaScript frameworks are Node JS, Meteor.js, Express.js.

  1. Angular JS: Google maintains this framework, which is an open-source front-end framework. Apart from Google, there are some corporations and individuals use an Angular framework to identify the challenges faced during the development of applications, which are based on a single page and also address them. (Read More: Migrate from AngularJS to Angular today)

    JavaScript is the language used to write it, and the platform of this framework is JavaScript engine. It is one of the most popular frameworks and takes the number three position in the list of the framework.  Angular JS only deals with API interface so it works as long as API handles the data requests.

    Angular 2 is an open-source JavaScript framework, and Google’s Angular team maintains it. This platform is used to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript. AngularJS is built using JavaScript, and Angular2 is built using TypeScript.
  2. Node JS: The framework which is used for the execution of JavaScript outside a web browser is known as Node.js. Some of the significant components of this framework include cross-platform and open-source platforms.

    Some of the compatible operating systems are SmartOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and IBM Aix. The web developers use JavaScript or C++ language for writing the application. 
  3. React JS: In the framework field of JavaScript, the topmost place is secured by React Framework. It all started with the Facebook developers who began to use to minimize their work. To provide to Facebook Ads, the team built an efficient framework.

    This framework is open-source, and the public can use it easily. Business giants like Netflix and PayPal use this framework, which is also popular for its components that can be reused. 

    React is for websites(front-end) while React Native is for mobile applications. Facebook invents both frameworks. React Native is a cross-platform, where one could write the same code for IOS and Android. Learn more on Real native vs React Native for mobile development.
  4. JQuery: For the simplification of HTML, the web developer designed jQuery. This open-source JavaScript framework makes an easier life for developers who want to program for the browser. Advantages of JQuery are its lightweight, it has a wide range of plugins, and it is easier for a designer.
  5. Vue JS: The creator of this framework is Evan You. Vue is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web. It provides data-reactive components with a simple and flexible API. Vue is also lightweight, flexible, modular, and highly performant.
  6. Meteor.js: Meteor is another leading JavaScript-based open-source framework for designing scalable mobile, web, and desktop-based apps efficiently & quickly. Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript framework. It allows developers to write single-page apps for desktop and mobile. 
  7. Express.js: It serves to be a highly flexible & minimal Node.js web application framework for providing access to robust web-based features. Express.JS is designed for building single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.

The above-described JavaScript frameworks are popular, and they top the framework list. Get in touch with a developer to understand the functionality of these frameworks today! 

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