CRM with Built-in VoIP Telephony


KliqBooth is a unique inbound and outbound marketing suite for small to medium-sized businesses.




Julian is the founder of KliqBooth. She is a major IT and telecommunication service provider in Nigeria. The client wanted to develop a SaaS platform that provides office telephone services with integrated PBX and CRM for SMBs. The platform was implemented for telemarketers, sales teams to easily handle customer service issues. It is a tough process to make data entries of customers into the CRM. This project is to make it easier by recording customer information in one click. The core focus of this platform is to solve the problems and issues small and medium-sized businesses face every day. 


Armia developed a unique inbound and outbound marketing suite for small to medium-sized businesses. When Armia got the opportunity to explore solutions for this unique problem, we found a method of combining Voice and CRM to solve the issues - CRM with built-in IP telephone service. The platform is equipped with built-in CRM, telephone integration, click-to-call technology, and SMS marketing. Users can use softphones, regular land phones, or mobile phones. 

The platform is developed using an MVC framework and Asterisk servers for telephone and SIP-based voice calls, this multi-tenant SaaS platform is straightforward to use and manage. This solution was architected using a distributed server cluster to support the scale needed to address anticipated growth. A mobile app for the end users was also developed so that users can access the solution while they are out of the office.


We found a very genuine method combining Voice & CRM together and build & ship a unique product that solves the problem and also helps the SME to increase their brand presence as well as increase their revenues by reducing costs.

We use VoIP technology to get the best result for this project and give telemarketers the opportunity to make the call directly by a click of a button. Also gave them a good platform where they can maintain the CRM perfectly as well.

By using the platform, businesses can effectively streamline business processes by handling inbound and outbound calls within a single click. Current and prospective customer history and information held within a CRM is easily accessible. This software is a dependable platform for sales teams and marketers. Our solution has a robust architecture and you can customize the application when it is required.

Making this solution on a SaaS-based model has helped the client to quickly acquire many paying customers as well as help mature the product and scale it to a whole new level.

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