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Eatyn used the on-demand service marketplace platform to make their business grow!


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Brian Tubolino is the founder of Eatyn, a Chicago-based online marketplace, established in2017. Eatyn is an online marketplace and food service that enables individuals to exploreculinary creations from their peers. The platform allows people to share their food andexperiences with others. The client needs to customize the host listing page in

Eatyn is an on-demand marketplace that enables people to use their kitchen and dining space to create unique dishes and sell the experience. Eatyn connects individuals who have a passion for cooking and those who are looking for great meals.

The goal of the project was to connect everyday chefs and diners.


Armia Systems created a two-sided marketplace where individuals can sell their prepared food items to other Eatyn community members safely and securely. Eatyn has positioned itself to be the link between those with a great product and those looking for their next great meal and experience. The goal was to allow people to share their culinary skills with others outside of their immediate social circle to make extra income.

Armia systems created a service portal where the vendors can log in and make their schedules.The users can search the events based on their location, and from the event list, they can book their favorite cuisine. The platform was built in PHP and MVC framework with a MySQL database and hosted on the AWS server. Separate iOS and Android apps for hosts and users were also developed and published.

We also added the option for users to search nearby service providers, book available service, and view the rating and reviews before placing order. We know that online demand services have a large variety of opportunities. So, the type of service we offer to the client is limitless.


We build the Eatyn platform that connects two kinds of users. People who search for the best places to eat, place an order, or reserve, and for people who love cooking, can conduct an event as a host. Our on-demand service marketplace software helps Eatyn to run a successful business. Brian is so excited to see the changes in the growth of the business.

Eatyn allows individuals to do small business and earn money through it. The customers can easily book the services provided through the website or app. The online payment gateways like Stripe, are integrated with Eatyn. The customer pays directly to admin and admin settle vendor outside the platform after taking his commission and thus the revenue is generated. Eatyn can manage their bookings through the vendor app, and the users can use the iOS app to book an order.

Some of the features included in Eatyn are,
● A detailed report page to show all the business activities of the month, week, or day.
● Highly flexible for users to choose nearby service providers or hosts
● Customers can easily book their favorite food or host on their desired time slot
● Secure online payment option
● For those who cook at home can use Eatyn Host App to sell their items.
● Mobile application API is updated for implementing new functionality.

We created the host listing page to provide daily menu updates of each host and implemented this on the website and mobile application. We developed Eatyn with customizable source code. It will help to tailor client requirements in the future. The software is completely scalable and does not limit the users or vendors of the client. We support the launch of Eatyn by providing free 24/7 server monitoring by our server team and free development support for one month.

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