Online Partner Quote Tool for Delivery Service Company


It is a portal for deliveries, pickups, and storage of parcels for consumers and businesses.




The client is a delivery service company and they are required to create a customer portal for deliveries, pickups, and storage of parcels for consumers and businesses. Locologic comes with web software for the customers to create online businesses. We develop scripts which encompass business models. Customers are nowadays ready to put in more money for the same day or faster deliveries which have now put greater pressure on e-commerce businesses lately. Increase in demand for last-mile deliveries has put a strain on technology which has come up with some great ideas that will soon come into existence.


The Armia Systems team created a self-service and quote platform for consumers and businesses to get real-time quotes and schedule a pickup or delivery. Online payment systems and account management for the users were also created. In the backend, drivers were assigned for pickup and delivery based on availability and location. A delivery tracking system is one that tracks goods from the moment the order is placed to when they are physically delivered to the destination location.

The platform was built using Armia System’s Magpie SaaS platform as the base, and Angular JS as the front end with a MongoDB database. Initially, the Brigg platform was used for the mobile apps for drivers but was later replaced with custom apps. Armia System’s talented team assisted the client in providing an exceptional customer experience by optimizing their delivery management system through advanced solutions.


We created a customer portal where customers can easily check the deliveries, pickup time etc.  This smart platform enables on-demand access to a rapidly growing network and businesses searching for storage solutions and to schedule pickup and delivery. LocoLogic is a real-time order tracking and delivery platform for last mile delivery companies to optimize entire operation. The advanced features make the software more powerful - add orders, track the orders, track the deliveries, add vehicles and drivers to your network and manage them.

When ordering from suppliers, an order tracking system can be integrated with inventory and stock control systems – ensuring you know exactly what you have at all times and only order what you need. For properly managing a delivery system, a proper order and delivery management system is a must that can be accessed anywhere at any time for both the consumers and the service providers.

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