User Survey App for the Retail Industry


It is to collect feedback from customers about the service and experience at local restaurants and other retail stores.




Exit Interview is developed for the smooth functioning of the New York Deli Services. Founded in the year 2008, these NY-deli services serve in the major suburbs of Chicago.The client is a US-based entrepreneur who owns a restaurant. The application was developed to get candid feedback from customers about the service and experience at local restaurants and other retail stores. The client needed a system which enables the business owners and managers to gather feedback from retail customers. Customer Satisfaction or Customer Experience is one of the top-grossing factors deciding the future of a product or service offered by an organization.


The Armia team assisted the client with an extensive survey app for end users to input their feedback about their experience at the location in return for loyalty points and redeemable rewards. Business owners gain aggregate insights about their service from anonymous customers. It brings attention to both good and bad areas so that retail business owners can focus on service, staff training, etc.

Our Easy Web Survey script allows to create an unlimited number of surveys. The client can have any number of questions in the surveys. Any type of questions, only limited by your imagination. If you want to make any changes, you can do it yourself. Designed specifically for small businesses, Exit Interview uses the latest AWS Rekognition technology and Artificial Intelligence.
The Exit Interview app helps business owners build and maintain communication with customers. This app enables business owners to gather both positive and negative feedback which in turn will facilitate important business decisions.


We delivered a user-friendly app to our client, making it possible for them to serve their clients effectively. This was offered as SaaS to retail clients. Our survey script application that can be used for conducting user surveys and gathering valuable data to use for future analysis and marketing strategies. Multi-page survey capability is included for market research and customer feedback intentions. 

You can use the open response, single or multiple response options to create a perfect survey. The software incorporates a clear, step-by-step process. No technical expertise is required. The script consists of multiple survey deployment options such as email and web links available for instant access to surveys. The tailored surveys and questions help the clients to find the answer to their biggest questions about the future of their brand or business.

The application is not just limited to customer experience related activities but is also viable to e used as a measure of employee performance and revenue details in the form of illustrations such as charts and graphs. Exit Interview is available for both desktop and smart devices compatible on both iOS and Android OS operated systems.

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