Resale Thrift App for Shopping


eThrift app works out to help customers recycle and reuse existing unused products




eThrift Group is a Los Angeles based CA startup working similarly for inventory management. The client is a Washington DC startup and requested a local resale thrift app. The app allows a simple supply-side toolset and cohesive shopping experience for the user. The client wanted a user-friendly resale thrift mobile app. Thrift stores are usually a great place to get hands-on branded goodies at extremely low costs for fashion freaks and brand lovers. Thrift stores will usually help in recycling or reusing products unwanted by individuals that can be handy for the people in need of the same.


Based on the feedback, the Armia team developed a local resale, consignment, antique and thrift app that gives users a simple supply-side toolset and cohesive shopping experience. This platform enables vendors and users to interact with each other. The UX was heavily reliant upon a mobile device for list inventory and browsing. The app accounted for 90% of all resale sales, which exceeded objectives. Shoppers from their app are likely to become repeat customers. The key advantage of using this site over a brick-and-mortar thrift store is the size of the selection.  eThrift is a local resale store, consignment, antique shop and a thrift app that customers can access online.


eThrift Group is a Los Angeles, CA startup helping consumers to reuse and recycle existing products by making thrift stores more accessible.They work with local thrift stores and consignment stores to make their inventory available to a large audience. We used simple but interactive components to make sure that the app functioned seamlessly on iPhone devices. We worked closely with the client to ensure that things went smoothly and the integration was completed without any glitches. The application is built in such a way that it is user-friendly and encourages personal sales with better traffic to the resale establishments.

The vendors can be available as online businessmen or brick-and-mortar offline establishments. Users and vendors can easily work together on the same platform for resale inventory to be listed and reserved for resale. eThrift does not have any transactions online and hence the items are reserved for physical purchase from the retail store or vendor in-person.

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