Online Portal for Internet Connectivity Monitoring Device


An online platform that monitor internet connectivity for homes and businesses.


Internet of Things


An online platform with devices that monitor internet connectivity for homes and businesses. The client is an Illinois -based startup. A new e-commerce website and SaaS platform that communicates the firm’s brand and focuses on delivering effective user experiences across all devices. iNetDown devices monitor and notify customers immediately of internet service interruptions, and customers can monitor service interruptions and/or underperformance through their iNetDown account page. iNetDown can even notify service providers directly of service interruptions from a customer perspective.


In 2018 Armia helped the client realize its vision of an IoT device which monitors internet connections for consumers and businesses. We have expertise in working with BLE devices and IoT enabled devices while foreseeing a future with connected devices becoming a part and parcel of daily life. Armia has always placed importance on understanding the character of the organizations we work with to ensure the websites we build fit closely with their brand and deliver exactly the right impression to end users.

iNetDown is a subscription service utilizing a plug-in module designed to monitor internet/TV connectivity as well as the existence of a power supply to the modem. The module continuously communicates with iNetDown’s servers such that an interruption in that communication chain alerts iNetDown to the fact that your power may be out, or you may be experiencing internet connectivity outages for other reasons.  


Users can purchase the devices from the e-commerce website or retail stores. Once purchased the device can be activated and connected to a user’s account. In the subscription area, users can subscribe to the service or make a one-time purchase. In this portal, customers can view the availability reports fetched from the core server regarding the internet connectivity issues. The system also alerts the user in case of internet connectivity issues which can impact their home services.

iNetDown provides a platform to buy and subscribe to iNetDown’s products and services. The website allows the main user to view the availability reports fetched from the core server and also provisioning to edit their contacts. Users can purchase and pay online. The main user will have the provision to view the availability reports fetched from the core server also can add/edit his contacts. Admin will get a detailed report of all the user logins, their logs, subscriptions, and purchases.

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