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Bundle App is a consumer shopping app that makes shopping much easier and efficient in a unique way




The Bundle App is a consumer shopping mobile application that provides a novel way for users to purchase complementary items along with their intended purchases. The platform will allow users to group the items they buy into “Everyday Bundles,” “Inspiration Bundles,” and “Custom Bundles” that will complete their shopping trip faster.

The CEO Eli Fish is an experienced food researcher and consumer behavior specialist. He has conceived of this idea during his employment at a reputed food and beverage company in New Jersey. He is not fully engaged with this endeavor while he was working with that company that continues to provide a supporting role and maintain an equity position. Through his traditional CPG Innovation training, he has learned to follow a rigorous process that utilizes a 'jobs to be done' framework to understand consumer needs holistically and consider non-traditional solutions to address them. The objectives that we have taken care of are:

● Build the hybrid application to meet the requirements of the MVP trial.
● Consider feedback from the target market for iterations
● Plan the next phase of development

He used this knowledge of the innovation process to develop the idea of Bundle - The Fastest Shopping App in the world.


Bundle App makes shopping much easier and efficient in a unique way where users have the huge flexibility to purchase products based on food dishes and various other factors. The mobile app developed in a way that customers can edit the programmed bundles and add or remove or swap items to the existing ones. The platform is designed with a beautiful layout along with ease of set-up as part of implementing a rich user interface and experience. Predefined inventory list which works with the help of third-party API that will make user life easy and smooth. The inventory allows users to access the vast number of products and makes them on the custom bundle to experience personalized shopping.


The home screen features two types of preprogrammed shopping bundles: Everyday bundles and Inspirational bundles.

Prior to reviewing bundles and inventory, the application will request location information from the user to populate a list of locations where products will originate. The shopping screen is divided into everyday bundles and inspiration bundles. These bundles are divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and misc. The platform also allows users to create a custom bundle based on their preferences.

In the everyday bundle, users can view the basic and most often used items within this bundle for easy access and purchase. Inspirational bundles are the same as everyday bundles, but this bundle will provide more information like recipes, ingredients, and detailed steps for preparation.

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