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Smart Logistics Technology


CDL 1000 Smart Logistics Technology is a 24-hour asset-based Supply Chain Management company offering drayage intermodal transportation.



The CEO of CDL1000 a sequential business person and logistics expert establishes the tone of advancement at his organizations. This tech-savvy logistics team expand their vision of the future and gives the support they need to make it a reality. They have approached us with a concept to create a smart logistics platform that matches backhaul trucks with loads.

CDL 1000 Smart Logistics Technology acts as a common platform and marketplace for customers, brokers, and carriers. Their major aim is to maximize the “street turn” profits and minimize costs. They refer to their service as “The Great Trucking Revolution.”

This platform focused on maximizing the resource utilization of logistics companies by converting empty miles into revenue-generating miles. A backhaul, as it relates to trucking and logistics, is the return trip of a commercial truck that is transporting freight back over all or part of the same route it took to get to its current location.

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