Privacy Policy Analyzing Tool


Privacy Analyser uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to create an easy to read summary of any online privacy policy.


Artificial Intelligence


Privacy Analyser permits you to find out about the details that an organization is gathering and sharing about you with the help of deep learning algorithms. The main advantage is that you don’t have to read the complete privacy policy to understand what permissions are you giving at the time of sign-up. The program uses simple graphs and color codes to show users exactly how their data could be used. Privacy Analyser is a new website that uses its machine-learning-trained app to automatically read and make sense of any online service's privacy policy.


The chat interface of Privacy Analyser will answer the questions about privacy policies. The tool will help to unlock the policy secrets like how tech firms are using your data. Users can ask privacy policy questions to the automated chatbot. In real-time with high accuracy, the chatbot will answer to the relevant questions. An AI chatbot can understand language wider than a set of pre-programmed commands and continues learning based on the inputs it receives. It can make changes based on patterns and become smarter over time. Policy Analyser annotates the privacy policy with high accuracy at a fine scale. Each segment has a set of labels describing the data practices.


Privacy Analyser is a tool used to get an AI-powered summary of any privacy policy. Privacy Analyser can assist users, researchers, and regulators and the framework enables detailed automatic analysis of privacy policies. The hierarchy to build Privacy Analyser was extracting information from both high-level privacy practices and fine-grained information from privacy policies. Privacy Analyser is not created to replace the privacy policy, it seems to offer pretty good information to significant users. The features added in the privacy analyser are: 

● Conversational AI
● Machine Learning
● Omnichannel
● Conversational UX
● Analytics & Reporting
● Privacy & security

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