Insurance Portal for Companies


The client is a broker for health insurance services for small and medium-sized companies.




Armia Systems developed one of the first open insurance enrollment exchange marketplaces for this client. This online solution offers insurance coverage for employees of small and medium-sized businesses by providing a self-service selection of available plans, specific to each user.

Insurance brokers using the platform can set up and add appropriate enrollment plans for employees of small and medium-sized businesses while outlining the exact requirements, premiums and more for each option. Also, they can even manage plan activity, track purchases, print spreadsheets composed of recent data and valuable reports, and more.

Search results are based on factors such as age, policy types, providers, premium modes (monthly, bi-weekly and more) and customizable questions created by brokers.

The software automatically filters results based upon answers provided by employees when they use the system for discovering plans.

The team at Armia Systems created this platform by using iScripts MultiCart Enterprise as a foundation and customizing it to fit specific project needs, such as incorporating an advanced payment solution.

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