Head Injury Monitoring Apps


Head injury monitoring app is a wearable technology that help medical professionals and players.


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Head injury monitoring app is a wearable technology startup in stealth mode. The client is a sports technology startup with experience in student sports and data analysis. This Chicago based startup was building a sensor that can monitor head impacts during contact sports like hockey and football.


The sensor uses a gyroscope and accelerometer in a small sensor that is located inside the helmet of athletes. Information about the potential impacts is communicated to a base station in an Android or iOS device managed by the coach. This app communicates with an individual player's sensors using BLE and monitors for any potential impacts. If an impact occurs, it would alert the coach and prompt corrective actions. 

The Armia Systems team developed both iOS and Android apps to communicate with BLE devices over the air using low energy Bluetooth. A custom protocol is used to communicate with the devices and provide status updates. The apps also communicate with a cloud app to update the websites. Another set of iOS and Android apps were built for parents and athletes to help them, monitor, track, and educate about potential concussions and other head injuries.


Technology is advancing day by day. We build the head injury monitoring app to help medical professionals and players. It is a cost-effective app that helps with concussion recognition and head injury prevention. The data will help users to take care of their health and medical professionals can check the details to advance the treatments. The app provides a quick assessment where parents or coaches can determine the player is able to play or if medical attention is needed. The report of the player automatically sent to the responsive person’s email for further check-up. GPS tracking help to locate the place of the incident. 

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