Head injury monitoring apps


Wearable Technology Startup in Stealth Mode -The client is a sports technology startup with experience in studentsports and data analysis


Sports and Fitness


This Chicago based startup was building a sensor that can monitor head impacts during contact sports like hockey and football. The sensor uses gyroscope and accelerometer in a small sensor that is situated inside the helmet of athletes. Information about the potential impacts are communicated to a base station in an Android or iOS device managed by the coach. This app communicates with individual player's sensors using BLE and monitors for any potential impacts. If any impact occurs it would alert the coach and prompts corrective actions. Another set of iOS and Android apps built for parents and athletes to help them monitor, track and educate about potential concussions and other head injuries.

Armia Systems team developed both IOS and Android apps to communicate with BLE devices over the air using Low Energy Bluetooth. A custom protocol is used to communicate with the devices and status updates. The apps also communicated with a cloud app to update the websites.

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