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Swapping platform is for people to swap their unused products.




The client is a UK-based entrepreneur developing a swapping platform for users in the UK and the US to swap their products. He wanted to create a platform where users can swap their unused products.iSwap is an idea created by entrepreneur who came up with a solution for his daughter, to swap Shopkins and stickers when her school banned swapping due to arguments.


Armia Systems was hired by a UK-based entrepreneur to develop a swapping platform for users in the UK and US. The website was mainly developed for children. A swapping platform was developed in core PHP and MySQL server on AWS which could handle heavy traffic and could keep the platform up and running without any hard stops.

The Armia team was able to develop a swapping portal for the client. We created a robust system that suited the client's needs. As it was a swapping portal, different modules such as Wish & Swap were developed to achieve a smooth workflow and walkthrough on the website. The users registered under their respective countries and were able to swap products between each other. The client was so excited to see his first venture running smoothly and receiving enough responses from the users. He was very thankful to Armia for making his dream a reality and couldn't praise the team enough for their commitment and dedication.


We built a platform where users can post items to swap or sell. Users can also list items in their wish list so that others would know what they are willing to trade. This comprehensive piece of software is developed in PHP with MySQL database. The online swapping portal contains all the necessary features and functionality which will help the users to swap their unused products. The client is happy to see the working of the website. Because we provide him a swapping portal that allows users to easily buy, sell, and swap items. Users of the APP can add items for swap or sale in exchange for another item so quickly and easily.

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