Cash Back and Deal Portal


Cashback Outdoors is an e-commerce platform similar to This unique site functions as a form of an affiliate marketing site.


Affiliate Marketing


Multi-vendor e-commerce sites are extremely popular. Websites such as eBay, Etsy and Alibaba, eBates have an extensive reach and support with thousands of sellers and buyers using one site. The client wanted to develop a platform like The website will function as a form of an affiliate marketing website. A portion of the affiliate commission will be shared with users who make successful purchases through the website.

The team created a platform where the users must click through the marketplace into the vendor storefronts and complete a purchase to receive commission or rebate for their purchases. The platform ​was built ​in Core PHP & Icarus framework having a MySQL database.

Armia Systems team was appreciated for their dedication and professional work that was carried out throughout the project.

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