The @armiasystems/react-native-armia-chat-sdk library provides a number of features like

The layouts of the projects is a tpl file should be at the location view/layout of the corresponding module in the project directory. The tpl files for a controller should be in the view/script directory inside the folder with same name as controller file name.

The framework provides options to implement multiple languages. The language files should be in the resource folder in project directory. The default language is English. The framework has bootstrap, fusion charts, fckeditors, Php mailer, etc embedded in it.

Thead List, Thread details, Single contact list item are designed as components .It can be used in your projects. The functions for login,signup,search,listing,create group,group details etc are also provided.

ChatWithMe - The sample application

ChatWithMe is a simple one to one and group chat application.The application starts with a login page. You can sign up/login to the application using email and password.The home page contains a chat list, options to view profiles,search users,create groups.

One to one chat

We can search users and chat with them.Once started chatting it will be added to the home page list. The list will show profile image,name,unread count,online status, last message, last message time .We can go to a details page.It contains profile image,name,last seen,messages, message bar to send messages etc.

Group chat

We can create group using the option provided in home page.Group name,image and at least one member is mandatory.Admin will be the person who created the group.The group will be added to the home page list. We can go to a group details page.It contains profile image,name,last seen,messages,message bar to send messages etc.We can see the group info by clicking on the title bar.We can edit the group info if we have created the group.


The back end service used is firebase.So firebase configuration should be done.You can follow this instructions for integration.

Steps to be followed

If you want to make changes to the sdk in node modules you have to make changes to the sdk project and publish to NPM as armiasystems. If you are integrated the sdk as module you can directly make changes to the file.


The ChatWithMe app provides a number of features like


Email and password is required to login to the app.After login it will proceed to the home page.


Email and password is required to sign up to the app.After sign up it will proceed to the home page.

Profile and edit profile

Image,name can be viewed and edited through profile view

Search users

We can search users through the search bar provided.Matching search results will be listed upon typing in the search bar.

Thead List

Contain profile image,name,unread count,online status,last message and time

Thread details

Contain profile image,name,last seen,messages with time,message bar to send message

Create group

Group name,image,at least one member is mandatory to create group

Group details

Group name,image,members

Edit group

Only created person(Admin) can edit the group.Group name,image and members can be edited