Folder Structure

SDK library structure

Sample App structure

Sdk library in node modules

All the strings,colors,fonts,async storage,utility functions are declared under the utils folder. Common styles are declared under theme folder.MobX is used for state management.The DB communication functions are under store folder.Screens,Images,navigation functions,components,chat components are separately arranged into folders.

After integration our @armiasystems/react-native-armia-chat-sdk library the library will be under node modules/@armiasystems folder.You can also integrate the SDK module without integrating through NPM.You can include the SDK folder into your project and import from that folder.So that customisation will be simpler.

Steps to be followed

1. The directory structure should be followed. Each file should be kept in the corresponding directory only.

2. Files should be correctly named. Some of the name formats are mandatory while others are for better readability and cleanliness.

3. JavaScript code should be written in .js files.

4. Common JS logic can be written in app.js whereas the page specific JS can be in separate JS files.

5. All styles should be written in .css files and kept in styles folder in the project directory.

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