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Dedicated Development Services

We offer rockstar developers, UX/UI experts, personal project managers and QA analysts you need to make your project a success as a service. Dedicated development services are one of our most popular offerings for mobile and web development. This is different from a traditional fixed price project or time and material project. In the last two years since we introduced dedicated development services, we have had very positive feedback from our customers.


In the dedicated development service, we will assign a small team of developers to your project. The developers will work exclusively on your project when assigned. As the developers will have full focus, they tend to deliver better quality work compared to developers working on multiple projects at the same time. The size of the team can be anywhere from one to many. The development team will be supported by UX/UI developers, QA analysts, System Architects and DevOps engineers on an as needed basis. Each full-time developer will work on your project for 168 hours a month.

Project Manager

The dedicated development team works with in-house project managers. These project managers will be customer champions within the company. Weekly reports and meetings are also handled by the personal project manager. Time spent by the project manager is not billed to the project.

Reporting and Meetings

We encourage clients to have weekly meetings with project managers and the development team to view progress as well as to provide feedback. In addition, project managers will provide detailed reports on what's been completed for the week and what's planned for next week.


Dedicated development projects offer 40-50% savings over traditional fixed cost projects and time and material projects. Based on the technology, the typical rate is between $3,700-$4,200 per month for a full-time web/mobile developer. A minimum commitment of three months is required for the dedicated development projects, but you can add or remove a developer from your team anytime. If a developer is not available due to vacation/holiday a credit will be applied for the hours and the credited hours can be used for any service. If you have a web or mobile app and want to see if it's a good candidate for the dedicated development service, schedule a technical consultation.

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