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Introducing Our App Discovery Service

Have a great idea for an app but not quite sure how to turn that idea into reality?

Armia’s experts can help. We’ll study your idea and work closely with you to build out a complete blueprint that shows exactly how to turn your idea into the fully functioning web or mobile app you desire.

Then you can use your blueprint to make an informed, risk free decision to let us build it for you or you can use it to select another provider – it’s totally up to you! This service:

  • Eliminates the pain, frustration and wasted money often associated with trying to do all the planning on your own
  • Ensures you’ll get an app that not only meets your specifications but also your budget and timeline
  • Gives you a detailed idea of what you’ll need to invest to bring your app to reality and how long it will take

So Get Rid of Confusion & Uncertainty …

Gain a Clear Understanding of What You Really Want. Our Service Includes In-Depth Discussions With You Combined With Our Unique Understanding & Experience With Mobile & Web Development

Hi, I’m Aji of Armia Systems Inc. Over the years my company has developed a strong reputation for providing excellent web and mobile app development services to a wide variety of clients.

In particular, we are well known for offering fast results and optimized quality.

Our mobile and web development services can be counted on to deliver the most enhanced level of quality when it comes to functionality, performance and user experience.

But what if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want in a web or mobile app?

Over the years we have met many clients who had a great idea but weren’t sure how to turn that idea into reality.

That is what led us to create our Discovery Service.

If You Have an Idea But It’s Not “Solid” or “Fleshed Out” Yet, This Service is Perfect for You!

Our experts can help you define your app idea and create a set of requirements that will lead to the creation of exactly what you envision.

You can then use the set of requirements to develop your app – whether you use our developers or the developers at another company.

The blueprint will be completely yours – you will be under no obligation to work with us.

You can also count on us to keep the details of your app completely private – we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure it.

So Don’t Get Stuck in the Planning Stage!

So many entrepreneurs get a great idea but then for one reason or another don’t follow through and that great idea is never turned into reality.

Don’t deprive the market of something that could make life easier for others – and don’t drag your feet and watch someone else get the same idea, take action and beat you to the profits.

Many people get great ideas but then fail to take action and end up watching someone else profit from the same idea – the idea they had first!

In fact, there is a condition called “analysis paralysis,” which when applied to the app world would basically mean that a person keeps searching and planning in an effort to create the perfect app but never takes action because they are afraid they will make a wrong choice or fail or look bad.

Wikipedia explains Analysis Paralysis (AP) this way:

Analysis paralysis or paralysis by analysis is an anti-pattern, the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. A decision can be treated as over-complicated, with too many detailed options, so that a choice is never made, rather than try something and change if a major problem arises. A person might be seeking the optimal or "perfect" solution upfront, and fear making any decision which could lead to erroneous results, when on the way to a better solution.”

Sound familiar at all?

If so, our Discovery Service can help you break free from analysis paralysis and get the step by step requirements that are needed to turn an idea into a working app.

Our Discovery Service

  • Shows you exactly what steps to take to turn your idea into a functioning app that people will line up to download
  • Helps you select the best building approach that will allow you to get an app that functions the way you envision while saving money and time
  • Ensures you won’t take the wrong building approach and ruin your app before it even gets started
  • Helps you determine how to deliver the best possible user experience with your app
  • Helps you determine what has been done in the market and how you can build on that and take your app to a whole new level
  • Helps you find out what is really possible and what can be done to maximize the benefits of your app
  • And more

You can count on Armia’s experts to give you an app blueprint that will help you stand out in the marketplace. We’ll make sure you address the following four things:

Being Unique

In order to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, companies and entrepreneurs need to create unique apps that do unique things.

You shouldn’t try to imitate an already popular app – unless you have something that is going to make that popular app even better. It is wiser to focus on creating something new and unique in your mobile app development project.

Look for a problem that is not being satisfied in the market yet and focus your attention on that. Create an app that will allow users to overcome that problem and if it is a big enough problem, you will have a very successful app on your hands in no time.

It is key here to develop a clear vision of what you want and then to pursue that vision diligently – don’t worry we’ll help you with that. We’ll make sure you don’t get side tracked and we’ll provide you with the blueprint that will prevent your future developers from veering off course and costing you money.

Focusing In

Once you have a unique vision, you must then focus on the one thing your app is going to do to turn that vision into reality. All the best apps focus on one thing and they do that one thing very, very well.

We’ll help you identify your one thing and keep your focus on it going forward. We’ll make sure your app accomplishes that one thing better than anything else available, which means you will be sure to have a hit on your hands.

Stressing Value

If you are not offering true value to users then there is no way that you are going to succeed. You must provide value – don’t ever lose sight of this.

You want users to save time or save money or be able to do something much easier. Your app must have real value or nobody is going to download and use it. That’s why we will help you keep value at the forefront of everything you do.

Making It Easy To Use

You don’t want to confuse your audience and you don’t want to make things more difficult for them instead of easier. Do that and they will not just walk but run away from your app.

The aim of our developers is always to create an app that is extremely easy to use.

Your goal should be to make things easier for your users. That means you need an easy user interface and simple straightforward actions.

The idea is to create an app that is visually appealing AND easy to use. To help ensure you do that we’ll keep asking your questions like the following throughout the mobile app development process:

  • Is this feature making things easier or more difficult for users?
  • Is this app intuitive to use?
  • Can users immediately start taking advantage of this app after downloading it? Is there a learning curve?
  • Is each app feature relevant or can it be done away with?

We’ve Helped Numerous Companies & Entrepreneurs Develop the Perfect Blueprints for Their Apps … & We Are Confident We Can Help You as Well!

App development is not a quick journey. There are multiple steps that must be taken to achieve success and we can make sure you take them all so there are no unfortunate surprises later on.

We will work closely with you to ensure you get a project timeline and budget that meets your goals.

We understand that mobile apps are always changing and that’s why we will make sure you have a plan that will allow you to launch within a reasonable amount of time but will also enable you to add all the extra bells and whistles you want in your app as you move forward.

To Succeed With Any App, You Need an Accurate Blueprint!

Without first having a step by step in-depth blueprint for your project you simply cannot know what the real cost of the project is going to be and how long it is going to take.

Lack of a good blueprint is why so many projects are delayed or go over budget or just plain fail.

That’s why you need to talk to our experts – to get the plan that will guide you to future success.

Our experts will figure out what you can do to get an app that satisfies your business, your customers and yourself while staying within your budget.
We will help you:

  • Focus and plan better so that you get results much more quickly
  • Ensure all the essential work that makes the difference between success and failure in an app project is accounted for
  • Help you sort through the wide variety of options that are available today and select the ones that is best for you
  • Save you from wasting hours and hours doing headache- inducing research on app development
  • Plus, much, much more

This service is perfect for entrepreneurs and company officials who have an idea of what they want but are not sure how to get there.

The best way to get where you want to go is to listen to someone who has made the journey before.

We’ll help you avoid time and money- wasting mistakes and show you the safest, quickest path to turning your app idea into reality.

Here’s What We WON’T Do:

  • Give you a bunch of unrealistic promises about your app idea
  • Ignore your input. Rest assured you will be a valuable part of the process. We will listen closely to you and help you develop a plan to get the best possible app
  • Leave you on your own to figure it all out for yourself
  • This is your chance to get the planning help you need!

Simply Choose the Option That Works Best for You

Again, if you do not have solid product requirements, we will work with you to create product designs and detailed requirements.

Once you have detailed requirements, you can work with our development team or any other developer to create a quality product. Just select the following plan that works best for you and schedule a discovery call.


  • Single Session with Jon
  • One-on-one attention
  • Single one-hour meetings
Select Plan


  • Double Session with Jon
  • One-on-one attention
  • Two one-hour meetings
Select Plan


  • Two Week Planning with whole development team/PM
  • Four one-hour meetings over two weeks
Select Plan


  • Four Week Planning with whole development team/PM
  • Up to four one-hour meetings over two weeks
Select Plan

Achieving Something BIG in Your Life Takes Massive ACTION!

Are You Ready to CHANGE Your Life (& the Lives of Others) With Your App Idea?

Then get started by signing up for our Discovery Service today.

This program is all about fleshing out your idea and helping you set the requirements that when completed, will make it a reality.

This service is not about hype – we’ll encourage you but we won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear. We are going to push you and help you take your idea to an even higher level.

Here’s the Bottom Line on This Service:

For a variety of reasons – such as a lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown, etc. – many people don’t pursue the great ideas that they have.

This is a shame. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Not any longer. Sign up for our Discovery Service and let us help you find the best way to get your app idea up and running and earning profits.

We’ll take you by the hand and walk you step by step through the app development process. We’ll outline a complete plan that will allow you to achieve your app goals.

We’ll help you anticipate any obstacles you may encounter along the way and we’ll help you maximize the earning potential of your app features.

So ask yourself this question:

Can you afford to miss out on advice and insight from experts who have shown again and again that they know what it takes to create a great web or mobile app?

Sign up today and put yourself on the fast track to success!

Trust me, if you fail to take advantage of this offer, you are sure to kick yourself later.

Don’t Delay, Act Now!

We are only able to offer our Discovery Service to a select number of new clients each month.

Act now to ensure you are able to take advantage of the service as soon as possible. In business, time is money – so don’t wait.

You don’t want someone to get your idea and “beat you to the punch.” You don’t want to leave a good idea “on the shelf’ when it could be earning you money.

Ask Yourself This: Where Do You Want to be in 6 Months?

Do you want to be the proud owner of a profitable app … or do you want to be in the same position you are now – with a great idea but nothing more?

Success takes action and by signing up for our Discovery Service you will be taking an action that could have a dramatic effect on your future.

  • Imagine having a complete blueprint for turning your app idea into reality
  • Imagine knowing exactly what needs to be done – no uncertainty, no confusion
  • Imagine no longer being concerned about whether your app idea is feasible – you’ll know what it should cost
  • Imagine no longer having to worry about being taken advantage of by unscrupulous web developers who overcharge and under deliver – with this blueprint you’ll know exactly what you need

It’s time to take action. Step one toward getting your mobile or web app is to sign up for our Discovery Service today.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about the app development process when can help ensure you get the best building approach for your app ... an approach that will get your app completed as fast and as inexpensively as possible!

To your success,

Aji Abraham

P.S. So many app developers today promise the sky without taking the time to truly understand your business and your goals. With our blueprint, you will ensure that no matter who you use to make your app they (and you) will know exactly what is needed so there will be no future misunderstandings that result in costly delays or corrections. Sign up now.

P.P.S. Don't delay another day in turning your app dreams into reality! Take action now and sign up!