By utilizing intelligent solutions, educational institutions can effectively manage their resources while reaching students beyond the classroom. Our development team has worked with various clients within the education industry to offer student management applications, billing solutions, and software options geared toward creating additional revenue streams.

Some software and platforms our team has worked on include:

*         E-commerce marketplace/supply chain developed for schools to manage and sell their own branded products from multiple vendors

*         A comprehensive, peer-to-peer online tutoring platform connecting individuals linked through social networks to schedule lessons and complete transactions

*         Billing and customer management application for schools and childcare facilities

*        School systems management application supporting individual schools, school districts or school systems

*        Complete web-based education management application created for a school system encompassing 200 schools

*        ERP application supporting e-learning, finance and accounts, students, teachers, documentation, and transcript management. This multi-language application is offered with custom tailoring including language and regionalization

We have an extensive amount of solutions available for businesses and organizations within the education sector. See our portfolio to view our past work or contact our development team to discuss your needs along with an affordable custom solution.
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