Database Configuration

When you clone the project in Git, there is a file db.sql in the folder named SQL. The database configuration for your application is located at the db.sql file. The db.sql file has to be imported to the database. Only then you can have access to the corresponding project in the database. When you log-in, you can see the basic modules and tables and you can edit or add tables according to the project requirements.

In this file, you may define all of your database connections, as well as specify which connection should be used by default. Examples for most of the supported database systems are provided in this file. As the user management sections are inbuilt the developer doesn’t need to spend time on that section.

The entire project setup includes checking out of the initial codebase from two sources (one for the framework and one for a project). The developer can commit his changes only to the project directory. Any access to the files/settings owned by the framework is through the finite set of variables. The tables with cms_ prefix are core tables of ICARUS and the rest tables are custom made. Some of the core tables of ICARUS are category, content, files, groups, menu items, menu, page section, privileges, roles, users, etc. If your project needs additional tables then you can build custom tables.

Always a project starting from scratch and from a base gives different results. From scratch, it will definitely take a lot of time for a developer to build tables and other needful sections, while from the base, the tables are already built in the framework which helps developers to take care of the next section thus it consumes a portion of time from the entire project hours.

In this sample database configuration, you can see the default tables of ICARUS.

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