ICARUS Framework Overview

ICARUS Framework is an MVC framework intended to support and streamline application development. ICARUS is a configurable and reusable SAAS framework. Using ICARUS you can develop entities and configure with this advanced PHP framework.

The framework takes care of the basic low-level functionality requirements, which is common to any application so that the developer can concentrate on implementing high-level functionalities and logic.

The entire project setup includes checking out of the initial codebase from two sources (one for the framework and one for a project). The developer can commit his changes only to the project directory. Any access to the files/settings owned by the framework is through the finite set of variables (eg: addition of meta tags to a page).

Main Features:

  • CMS module for content and users
  • Configurable billing and subscription
  • Role-based user permissions
  • CRUD based API for mobile/social apps
  • Lightweight MVC
  • Focus on your application, not user management

Where To Start

Learning a new framework can be difficult, but it's also exciting. To smoothen your transition, we've attempted to create very clear, concise documentation of ICARUS. Before we start, this tutorial assumes that you have the following things installed and configured on your machine:

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Git

After installing these things, your machine is capable of installing Icarus.Next, you may wish to read about configuring your database.

The framework provides options to implement multiple languages. The language files should be in the resource folder in the project directory. The default language is English. The framework has bootstrap, fusion charts, PHP mailer, etc embedded in it.

ICARUS supports all features like user management, content management, database management, etc. Also, supports bootstrap and provides layouts that are known to be highly responsive.

Let’s take a look at the use cases of ICARUS. Our developers have developed many projects with the ICARUS framework. Some of the projects are BBF, ORU Social, and Spot Companies. Let’s consider ‘Spot Companies’ as an example. Spot Companies is a smart platform that enables on-demand access to a rapidly growing network of industrial facilities and businesses searching for parking and storage solutions.

As our ICARUS framework contains inbuilt features like admin panel, dashboard, UI, payment gateway, user management, content management, etc, it helps our developers to complete the 6 months project within 4 months.

It simply means, using the ICARUS framework you can save the time and efforts of 2 months. But this is not possible when you build a saas app from scratch. ICARUS framework is used for simpler projects that are of small and medium sizes and the server specs are more easily available. Websites and web applications are good to build with the ICARUS framework.

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