Add Section To Side Menu

We have successfully created a section and now we need to add this section as a link on the side menu.

Once you install the framework, you can see a side menu section. Click the side menu section and click set up to create a menu. From here you can create your menu for a dashboard, user, category or anything. Some of the fields are already inbuilt in the framework section. It is also possible to add according to the project requirements.

Click on

            side menu > Setup > Menus > Add

Now fill in all the fields and also choose the CRUD operations you need to be performed on this section

  ├── Menu Name : Give any name for the menu, eg: Home, Dashboard
  ├──Menu Display Name : Display name can be the same name given as the menu name. Eg: Home
  ├── Menu Url : It is the link given to the menu name. Eg: When you click Home, it will be redirected to the home page.
  ├── Menu Icon : Give an icon according to your menu name. Eg: Home Icon.
  ├──Menu Order : Set the order of your menu.
  └── Menu Actions : Select the operations you need to perform. Eg: The options can be edit, create, manage, etc.
  ├── Menu Parent : Choose the parent category of your section. Your section will come under that parent category. Eg: Dashboard
  └── Menu Status : Select the status to show whether you are active or not.

Now fill all the different fields and also choose the CRUD operations you need to be performed in this section

Here is a screenshot of what we have used in this tutorial

After filling the fields click submit and now you can see the menu you have created. Using the Add Menu section in the Magpie framework you can easily build a module or menu section for your web and mobile applications.

Now let’s move on to the roles section and assign this menu to the current role which is a developer. Click on Setting up a Role