Assign Menu To Role

Magpie has user role permissions which will decide what all menus needs to be displayed for a particular role (user). We are logged in as a developer user. So lets assign the menu permission for this role.

Assign permissions

A role is a collection of permissions that defines a function, such as an administrator. The role page lets you create roles, assign permissions and assign users to the roles. To create a role, click the Roles link and then click the Add button.

Roles are based on the type of business. You can determine the types of access you need to assign your users by different roles and permissions. Roles provide a way for administrators to group permissions and assign them to users or user groups. Permissions define the actions that a user can perform in a community.

Click on

            left menu > Setup > Roles > {Edit the user we need to add permission, in this case developer}

In the edit page, all menus we added will be listed along with the permissions for the menu. For example, in this case, we are going to assign all CRUD permissions to the menu Designation. Here we are giving the permissions of a developer.

Following are the options allowed for each menu:

            ├── Index  : It gives permission to developer to view the list of pages.
            ├── Create : Developer can create new records.
            ├── Edit   : Developer can change the record name.
            └── View   : Developer is allowed to view the record details.
            └── Delete : Developer can delete the record.
            └── Export : Developer can export the CSV file.
            └── Import : Developer can import the CSV file.

When you click the Role, you can see the section for Role Name and Role status. Click the Permissions, you will be shown a list of all the permissions defined for that role.

The list of permissions that you can define for a role may seem overwhelming. However, these permissions ensure that you can customize exactly which areas of your portal you’d like different collections of users to be able to access.

In this we need all permissions for this user so will select all operations. Please refer the screenshot below

Refresh the screen and you can see the link added to side menu

Now that we have added designation,lets set up an employee CRUD