Packages are a collection of related files and interfaces. The packages in a framework help the developers on building web-based projects easily by using the reusable codes stored in the framework We all know that code reuse is the most important part of software development.

Login to admin panel [ http://localhost:4200/admin/package-installer] with following credentials:

      password: m@gp!3

Packages are reusable components in the MAGPIE framework. For example, consider Stripe Payment or, these payment gateways are used in many of the applications, so we can create reusable codes of these payment gateways.

In Armia, we have already used these packages in many of our projects. For example, In one of our project Locologic, we have used Stripe payment. Because of this inbuilt package, our developers spend less time in the section of payment gateway. Like this, arranging reusable packages will help you to save time in your project.

These reusable codes are considered as the packages in the MAGPIE framework. When you build a package add it to the framework.

At the time of a new project, the developer can search for this or Stripe Payment or any packages you have already built in the section of Packages and just install it. You can also build reusable components of SMS gateway, AWS services or any Payment Gateways and add it in the packages section for future purposes. Thus the packages help to save your time to build a project.

Steps for installing a package :

1.Search your desired package.

2.Click install button to install it.

3.After installing the selected package you will get a new window describing the package details.

3.1 The info tab gives the information about the installed package.

3.2 The documentation tab gives you the details of how to integrate the package into the system.

3.3 The default API login id and transaction key of the selected package can be set by a clicking the configure tab.