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With Mobile and wireless technology taking center stage in today's world, organizations are keen to make significant advancements in the mobile space. As mobile technology keeps the customers connected all the time, enterprises are moving beyond the desktop to keep in touch with their customer's needs.

Armia Systems offers mobile/tablet application solutions that help organizations communicate with their customers through mobile devices. Leveraging our industry expertise and technical background, we design and build mobile applications that are user-friendly and facilitate quick data processing. Our expertise is in creating mobile applications that communicate with existing or new web applications. We have developed mobile apps for consumers and business applications. We normally do not undertake simple mobile games.

We have developed custom iPhone/iPad based mobile applications, Andriod solutions, along with hybrid mobile frameworks. Contact us to review past apps we have developed in your industry.

Android Mobile Application Development
Armia Systems Inc. approaches Google Android application development in a proactive, high-caliber manner. Utilizing the complex Google Android SDK platform, our application developers explore the unlimited possibilities of Android through its comprehensive set of development tools. We create innovative, dynamic applications for devices. This includes: organizers, media players, picture editors, and ecommerce applications, and social media applications.

iOS Mobile Application Development
iOS apps work with both Apple iPhones and iPads. Our developers create iOS apps in objective C, C# or Swift based on the architecture and requirement of the app. Usually, the web applications and API will be developed in parallel if its required. In the past we have developed on Demand apps, scheduler apps, audio/video apps, educational apps and social apps for our clients in different industries

Hybrid Mobile App Development
In many cases it would be advantageous to create the mobile app using a hybrid framework like Phonegap, Ionic or React . This enables development of the app once in the framework and deploys to both Apple and Android platforms without further development. Overall most applications would see a savings of 40% in efforts when using a hybrid framework instead of native apps in iOS and Android. Advanced hybrid platforms like React hybrid app platform from Facebook makes the final quality of the app close to native apps.

Mobile Optimized Websites
In addition to mobile applications, we can also create mobile optimized websites and applications. This is a great route when you are developing a web application or even a website to create a companion website for Smartphone users. Our developers usually use HTML 5 to develop browser based apps for mobile devices.

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